Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013

I've been out of the Manila scene for years that I have never ever been to a Make Your Own Havaianas event ever. Ever, ever.

I would see MYOH in photos and read about it in the papers and in blogs. My friend Conci is a fanatic. She goes and lines up practically each year. But I'd be like, I love Havaianas but I do not love those lines and I am not a big fan of squeezing into a crowd. I'm happy with my factory-made Havaianas.

But then! My friend Janice aka Mommy Mundo invited me and the rest of the SoMoms to the media  launch yesterday, and that's when I realized what the craziness is all about.

Me with Jackie, Kris, Jenny, Cai and Jen - nakikiuso ang mga nanay, photo courtesy of @havaianasphils

First, there's the limited edition pair that's only available to buy during the MYOH days.

Each year, Make Your Own Havaianas features a commemorative pair that best visualizes the theme for the year. This year’s theme is “Imagination” and it also happens to be the first-ever collaboration with a Filipino Illustrator and Havaianatico, Dan Matutina, who is renowned for his unique visual mix of handmade and digital, clean and dirty, and old and modern aesthetics.’

“Dan Matutina + Havaianas” is the first glow-in-the-dark MYOH commemorative pair with carbon blue sole and shows two spacemen with space markers connecting the stars to form images— representing how Havaianas invites each and everyone to let loose their creativity brought about by their boundless imagination.

Here's how the glow in the dark Havaianas look like. Eeeez for realz!

Incidentally, when we entered Rockwell Tent, guess what I saw? The Havaianas hot air balloon, with the balloon made entirely out of slippers...

Berry was just inside a few weeks ago, heehee:

We had walked past it on our way to Serendra and she begged to go back to High Street just so she could have a picture inside it. Cute!

Now back to MYOH. 

The next reason is the energy! OMG. It's so fun! From the time you fill out your MYOH form to the actual moment when the Havaianas kid goes and looks for your soles, strap and pins, its exciting ha.

Then when they start putting in the straps...

Punching in the pins...

To seeing your actual slippers all done, just the way you imagined. It's quite a thrill!

So take your imagination to greater heights this summer at Make Your Own Havaianas 2013. Experience the summer vibe that never goes out style with the world’s favorite rubber flip-flops brand. Take part in the Havaianas story on May 2 to 5, 2013 at the Rockwell Tent!

I'm going back and hope to see you there! For more details visit:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/HavaianasPhilippines
Twitter: www.twitter.com/HavaianasPhils
Instagram: www.instagram.com/HavaianasPhils

PS - Incidentally, you get 10% OFF plus pay using your points or miles when you Make Your Own Havaianas when you use your Citibank card!

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