Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer in Naked Sun

The summer heat is so oppressive it makes me wish we lived by the beach, or some place cold, like Alaska even. The upside of summer though? We can wear easy breezy clothes and swim suits all day everyday! While I love dressing up for Fall, with all the light layering involved, resort is probably my next favorite season in fashion.   

While I am too conscious to pose for a photo in a swimsuit, more so a bikini, I love swimwear! From South American brands like OndadeMar to Palm Beach-y Lilly Pulitzer to Target finds, when I spy a swimsuit that fits great, looks good on me and best of all is priced reasonably, then its a buy! 

Admittedly, I haven't really worn local swimwear labels until I stumbled upon Naked Sun, thanks to the invitation of Andrea See. We set a date to meet up at Itsie-Bitsie in Rockwell, where Naked Sun is sold, and I was blown away by the quality and the designs! While materials are sourced abroad, everything is made here in the Philippines!

Berry with Abi Tan-Puno and Andrea See of Naked Sun at Itsie-Bitsie

Created by friends Andrea Y. See, Abi Tan-Puno and Caryll Martinez-Benitez in 2007, Naked Sun is the vibrant expression of an easy, elegant lifestyle of sun, sea, and city and takes inspiration from our gorgeous waters and lush tropics.

Andrea tells me Naked Sun is anchored on similar style values like mine: quality, classics, modern yet not trendy, effortless (in Andrea's own words, "meaning no such thing as tiis ganda, or sacrificing comfort over appearance"). While the designs look absolutely great on hot young bodies ahihi, they are also mommy friendly too! Like myself, Abi and Caryll are moms who want to look good in swimsuits, but want something that can hide stretchmarks and such (check out the one piece Del Mar, it's love). They are made to fit well, so no worries about saggy bottoms, soggy breast pads, protruding nipples (haha) and such.

Berry with my bag of summer swim suits from Naked Sun, heehee

Their Summer 2013 Collection is a testament to their philosophy of "well-made classics done with a decidedly modern, sophisticated mind". Check these out, I swear it's hard to choose just one. Thankfully, the price of a Naked Sun bikini starts at Php1,950 so you can buy two or even more in one go:

Terra (Php1,950) bottom has a gathered fold-over waistband and 1-sided ties

Lapiz (Php1,950)

Origami (Php1,950)

Del Sol (Php1,950)

Mariner (Php2,150)

Joya (Php1,950)

Del Mar (Php2,050)

Luz (Php2,050)

Mosaic (Php1,950) comes with a bottom with sidebands

I really promise you, the quality of the pieces from Naked Sun are impeccable. Its like buying from imported brands - fantastic designs, high-quality materials, great fit and construction. Except these are half the price and proudly made in the Philippines. All the more reason to love!

Naked Sun is available online via, and in the following retail outlets: Itsie-Bitsie Boutique in Rockwell, Certified Calm at Two Parkade (Bonficatio Global City), Certified Calm at Shangri-la Plaza, Discovery Shores Boracay Resort Boutique, Island Girl in D’Mall Boracay, A Piece of Green in D’Mall Boracay, and Luxe by the Beach in Singapore.

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