Monday, April 22, 2013

Zenutrients Natural + Organic

My favorite toiletries and skin care products, all good to the last drop

I discovered Zenutrients thanks to Karrots. She had a Zenutrients Gugo Shampoo & Conditioner aka "Gugobelles Giveaway" over at LiveLoveLolz and of course, I joined. At the time, Xavi was just about 5 months old and I was going through postpartum hair loss. I know for a fact that gugo helps strengthen hair and increase volume so wow, just what I needed.

To cut a long, well fine, not so long story short, I won a set from Karrots and became a believer. She introduced me and Kris to Angela Dinglasan, the wonder woman behind Zenutrients, and she got us to road test more products from her line. Now, I have never met a Zenutrients product I did not like.

The Tea Tree Underarm Spray is so minty and kilig to the kili kili powers! Especially "refreshing" and cooling these hot summer days, it combats underarm wetness and body odor:

When I get colds, or a stuffy nose, I rub All is Well on my temples. Forget White Flower, this is the way safer alternative - organic and natural. Made with extra virgin coconut oil, essences of peppermint, eucalyptus, white tea, lemongrass, pineapple, vetiver and extracts of ginger and tea tree, it has a delicate minty smell that does not overpower but is completely soothing. Angela says this is great to apply on insect bites too:

Now that the gugo shampoo & conditioner have run out, we are currently using the Enhancing Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner, which is great for oily hair. Dada loves using this as well, we both love the scent.

The Anti-Mosquito Sleeping Cream works like a charm and is especially great if you're the outdoorsy type.

Angela shares that Zenturients was originally called Z.E.N. until she and her group took over in late 2011. An all organic VCO based line of products that is all natural and affordable, you may check out the full line of products through authorized retailers and the Zenutrients stores in Virra Mall, Galleria, Festival Mall and Lucky Chinatown.

lemongrass, lavander, cotton mint & tea tree bath gels

herbal pain relief balm

citronella mosquito repellant

coffee body scrub

I know that the paper sticker labels leave much to be desired, because the colors tend to bleed when they get wet, but Angela says they're working on that. What matters is, the products are love! I am re-stocking the gugo and green tea shampoos & conditioners by the gallon, that's for sure.

The Zenutrients Story:

Z.E.N. started in 2007 as the creator, Gerry Villena& his family were asked by his church group to help young, underprivileged women, primarily from the provinces. The overall idea was to create jobs – a livelihood program – that would teach women a craft. Most of the women were young and from desperately poor families. Z.E.N. then began as a brand bottling & selling VCO, which rapidly expanded to other related lines: massage oils, scrubs, health balms, lotions, soaps, shampoos and the like. Despite limited sales outlets and no advertising, the brand found a strong underground following. 

In 2011, it was taken over by a new management team, led by an investment group and brought in a new General Manager, Ms. Angela Dinglasan, coming from a 14 year experience with manufacturing, specializing in beauty products having worked with Unilever, Coca Cola and Reckitt Benckiser. She continues to run the company with this social responsibility guiding her.

For inquiries, email: 

For updates and more, like Zenutrients on Facebook.

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Joey Dy said...


I also suffered from post partum hairloss and the gugo shampoo helped me alot too! Now I have baby hair growing na. My only concern though is the sticker on the shampoo and conditioner. It gets blurry and unreadable in the shower. Maybe they could use a waterproof one? Anyhoo, doesn't affect the product naman. Other than that, i looove their products. Just my two cents :)

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