Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Berry's First Flores de Mayo in Pila, Laguna

Almost every week, Berry would ask "Dada, can you buy me a wedding gown?"

I think it's not so much that she wants to get married, but more because she wants to wear a pretty gown. When my cousin Alessa and her fiance Jigger came over our place 2 months ago to ask Berry to be their flower girl for their May 2014 wedding, Berry was so thrilled. In fact, she's been telling everyone she meets, she's going to be a flower girl. Of course, the prospect of walking down the aisle wearing a gown, even if its a year away, is like the biggest deal for her!

So when our Tita Cora messaged me on Facebook a few months ago, inviting Berry to be one of the sagalas for our town's 125th Flores de Mayo celebration, I just knew she would love it! Finally, she gets to fulfill her dream of wearing a gown!

I know how challenging it would be to find the kind of gown I had in my mind, so I excitedly asked my friend Sheryl Laudico to make something for Berry (she owns an alteration store/dress shop called Alterrific in Robinson's Magnolia). I wanted something simple, but elegant. Princess-y without going overboard. So I thought of an empire waist, tiered dress with a sash. With Sheryl, I decided on the fabrics and colors, and we chose satin and tulle with a silk sash to create this confection:

I also designed the dress to have an accent piece behind the sash, a huge rosette with small rosettes. The sewer thought of clustering the smaller ones around the big one and the effect was so pretty! Very happy that Sheryl was able to bring my vision to fruition. I consider it lucky that I got to work with Sheryl who "gets" me, because they were able to execute exactly what I had in my head.

Tita Karrots said she likes Berry's gown, I should make and she will buy in all colors, ahaha. Do I have a future in children's formal wear? What do you think? Haha!

Berry was initially shy and didn't want to join the procession that Xavi and I had to stay beside her.

Eventually, she decided to hold hands with Arianna, her distant cousin from the Rivera side. She told me it was because "Her gown is the same as my gown." Awwww.

Xavi, this post is not just about Atchi Berry. You were such a supportive shoti, you were so behaved all throughout even though it was a very warm day. I am so proud of you!

Xavi with me and Lola Lorna

Tita Cora says Berry will one day be Rosa Mystica in her teens, and then an hermana when she gets to her 20s. I have to start thinking of gown designs for her then! ;) Xavi, I'll find a nice barong for you when you become an hermano too!

PS - Flores de Mayo or Flowers of May is a festival celebrated in honor of Mama Mary in the month of May. During the last Sunday of May, a Santacruzan is celebrated with sagalas, the Reyna de las Flores, the Rosa Mistica, and hermanos/hermanas going around town in a procession. It's a beautiful religious/traditional celebration that has been celebrated in our town for 125 years now. It also happens to be a social affair with relatives from all over coming home to Pila, Laguna to join in the festivities.


Jen Arellano said...

i love the design of Berry's gown,its classic that even grown ups can have...and she's so cute :)

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, thanks Jen! :D

Camille said...

Berry is so adorable in her gown! She's such a cutie-pie! :) The gown is so nice, too! Love the color and the design!

rochellePR said...

i love love love her gown, tin! really good job :) please design something for me and my girls, hahahaha!

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