Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Jessica Alba Way to Losing that Post-Pregnancy Belly

Moms! Expecting moms! Young ladies who will eventually become moms years from now! Here's a tip from Jessica Alba, hot momma of two, on how to lose that post-baby paunch:

"It was brutal; it's not for everyone. I wore a double corset for three months. It was sweaty, but WORTH IT."

The secret to getting her pre-baby bod back at The Edit via

Actually, I can vouch for you that this works. Like a charm.

Unwittingly, I had done the Jessica Alba tactic and wore a belly wrap (just one, not 2. But I also wore a hip shrinking band) for 2 months (ok, I should have worn it an extra month pala!) day and night as soon as I popped Berry and Xavi. Well, not right after, but on the day we left the hospital, which was about 2 days after I gave birth.

This is me a few days before I gave birth

 Ten days after I gave birth

Xavi and me five weeks after he popped out

Yes, it was sweaty. Yes it was uncomfortable. Yes it bulged under my clothes. Taking it off after 2 months felt very liberating. But it was also a relief to have the semblance of a flat tummy after months of just seeing it protrude. Which was good enough.

Unlike Jessica Alba, I need to work on strengthening my core and toning my tummy. Now if only I can find the discipline to do plana forma and yoga religiously. Next week, promise!


Oh, I have to say that using a belly wrap  has to be used in conjunction with a belly tightening cream like Palmer's Post Natal Firming Lotion or the Clarins Tonic Oil. My therapist at the Clarins Spa says you have to apply a tightening cream or lotion day and night, and soon after giving birth to see the full effect. I noticed that when I gave birth to Berry, I was younger and my skin just bounced back  with no help from a firming cream. But since I was 34 when I gave birth to Xavi, skin wasn't as elastic and got a bit loose and saggy, hence the needed boost, ahihi.


ChaJN said...


Will this help kaya for someone like me with huge belly even w/o bearing a child? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I've been doing it all wrong! I have the band and the firming lotion but I only wear it when I do some exercise (which is not everyday) - NO WONDER it's taking me soooo long to loose that belly flab. I hope it's not too late for me.

Ria said...

This post is so timely! I've been reading reviews on the Belly Bandit, wondering if it's worth it. Which brands did you use?

cd_mfo said...

Hi Cha & Driving Spiderman! I think it's worth a try, I mean if it will help the stomach muscles stick together, why not? But it should also be coupled with exercise and healthy eating. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan once told me and my friends that Pilita Corales shared her secret to a flat tummy. She said, "just always suck it in", you know, like giving your ab a workout every few minutes. I think it could work!

Hi Ria! I used a Medela post-partum belly band for Berry and a Cinch Wrap & Shrinx Hips for Xavi! =)

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