Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blanca de China

Have you fallen asleep while having a facial? In the middle of pricking? Ever?

I have. I just had a porcelain facial at Blanca de China, a new spa in San Juan (near Greeka Kouzina) and OMG - it was the most relaxing facial I have ever had in my life. 

While my face was about to be steamed, soft piped music playing in the background, a massage therapist magically appeared at my side and told me I was getting an arm massage. What a pleasant surprise, I thought. I let all my cares melt away, happy that I got an unexpected massage to go with my facial.

By the time my facialist Daphne started on extraction, the masseuse was massaging my left hand and then, I don't know what happened next. All I knew was that when I woke up, I had a mask on. 

It was that good. 

I can totally see how I can do this regularly and come out with skin like unblemished porcelain. This was not torture. It was a treat, through and through.

Blanca de China, or Blanc de Chine in French means "White from China", a type of white Chinese porcelain from Dehua aka Dehua porcelain. But it also refers to the boutique spa that my former officemates from Citibank, Francis and Joanne Magboo put up with their cousins.

And what a pretty spa it is. This is the receiving area/hand and foot massage area:

While these steps lead to the private massage rooms on the second floor:

This is the massage/facial room on the ground floor. Very clean, the sheets are fresh and the towels are still fluffy. Dada and I had a full body massage here a week ago, and we couldn't help but compare the experience to other massage spas we've been to where the towels feel threadbare, sad and forlorn. There's none of that here, everything at Blanca de China still has that new spa feel.

I told Joanne how much I liked the interiors and she shares that the look was patterned after her own home, which is very "Shabby Chic". In fact, some of the decor and furniture, like that French Rococo armchair you see below was from her house and was "donated" to Blanca de China.

It seems the warmth and coziness of Joanne's home came along with that armchair. After my facial and upper lip threading, my facialist asked me if I wanted some tea at the sitting area. She came out with this tea tray, how pretty.

Needless to say, I was charmed and smitten. It's like being welcomed into the comfortably chic home of a gracious hostess. I will definitely be coming over for repeat visits.

And at these prices, Blanca de China is just hard to resist. 

PS - White ain't right without serious sterilizing involved. Blanca de China sterilizes all instruments, diamond peel and cautery tips using a dry heat sterilizer that kills bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

For the complete list of services, updates and inquiries, like Blanca de China on Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlancaDeChina
Blanca de China 
#259A Ibuna corner P Guevera Streets
San Juan, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 542 8499
Mobile: +63927 529 9425


cheekeegirl said...

Prices is quite affordable given that the services is great.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they have Barnaba Fornasetti's permission to use those images.

cd_mfo said...

@cheekegirl, yes! Super affordable!

@Anon, my guess is no.

Unknown said...

sayang, it's too far from my place. the prices are reasonable, interiors palang mukhang sulit na. :)

Anonymous said...

How's parking? :-)

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