Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clutch Me if You Can - Edie Parker

What would compel a woman to have her name carved into a clutch? Is it vanity? Pride? Or both?

Edie Parker says its bespoke line of clutches "transforms the classic accessory into a stylish statement of identity." After all, "A woman's handbag has forever been her most personal accessory."

True. True.

If you'd like your own bespoke Edie Parker clutch, be willing to wait four to six weeks for it. Each piece is obviously unique and handcrafted with care in the US of A.

I know what I want already, that one like Sofia's, above. A gold confetti clutch with my initials CD in solid black. MFO could be fun too. But to shell out $1795 for one? The question I really should be asking is - when?

I like my name, and I'd love to see it emblazoned on an expensive clutch. Vanity and pride rearing their ugly heads. Edie Parker, I beg thee, release me from thy clutches!

In 2010, Brett Heyman, former PR director for Gucci, launched a collection of vintage-style acrylic clutches and handbags under the label Edie Parker. Inspired by her love for vintage handbags, particularly handbags favored by showgirls and socialites during the 1950s and 1960s, her clutches are chic, wearable sculptures that are objects of delight with retro soul.


Anonymous said...

Wow. $1,795?? Wow.
Maybe Aranaz can come up with something like this? :)
I love the Scorpion clutch she came out with!
- Krystle -

Wonder Woman said...

These are gorgeous!!! I LOVE THEM!!! Especially the gold one that you like, too. Grahhh!

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