Saturday, June 01, 2013

It's a Breeze with My Masterpiece

In a perfect world, everything is like a scene out of a Ralph Lauren ad. Gorgeous family. Clean, crisp clothes. Not a strand of hair out of place. It's like they got everyone from wherever it was they were coming from - the boys from the polo field, the kids from the shore, the women from the tennis court, and quickly assembled themselves just outside their Hamptons home for a quick family photo. 

But the fact of the matter is, real life is nowhere near as perfect. There would be sweaty shirts, beer bellies, grass stains on the little boy's jeans, ice cream drips on the little girl's white dress. And at least one sullen-faced family member who hates having his/her photo taken. Haha.

Now getting a gorgeous family isn't that easy, especially if gorgeousness is not in the genes. Ahahaha. It's either you adopt some pretty darn good-looking kids and get them to marry good-looking partners so you get a gorgeous family in this lifetime or spend a fortune getting everyone's noses fixed. But man, how superficial is that? It's just like telling your kids not to play with paint, or roll in the grass so they don't get dirty. 

I think that's the point Breeze and My Masterpiece was trying to drive at when the SoMoms were invited to a fun day of yoga, art and swimming in Nuvali.

The kids & moms did yoga with Teacher Anna

The kids about to make a rainbow wheel with Teacher Kara

Berry how fun! Oh look, orange paint about to drip on your white pants! Ahaha! (read as nervous laughter)

The rainbow wheel, almost done

Berry & Gabbie inside the SoKids' masterpiece! Sige sa Mantsa!

Did the parents & kids have fun? You betcha!

"I want to go back, Mommy!" Berry told me on our way home. Well, our Nuvali activity was just a one day thing, but we will be seeing more of My Masterpiece. Apart from their ongoing activities for kids, they host kiddie parties and prepare activities for the young guests. In fact, we are getting My Masterpiece to host Xavi's 1st birthday party. Judging by how Berry became a big fan of yoga in a single session, I just know Teacher Anna & Teacher Kara could keep the kids highly entertained. You might want to consider them too for your own parties?

You know, when we got home that afternoon, all that Berry would talk about was the yoga poses she learned from Teacher Anna, and how very, very happy she was that she got to spread paint with her hands. Small pleasures that we can actually do at home, any time. Did I just say any time? 

Yes kids. Bring on the paint! Stomp on puddles! Roll in the mud! Swim in grape juice! Grab those Sharpies and draw on our bed sheets! But not on Frette and Pratesi sheets, honeys.

I was just joking about the sheets part. Smother us with stains! Experiential learning ba kamo? Sige lang ng sige!

*Uy, Yaya, itago na ang Sharpies!*

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