Thursday, June 06, 2013

Meet Elin

When Martina Pangilinan of Catalogue63 invited me to the launch of their new clothing line Elin, she sent along a photo of this dress and I couldn't say no. Well, that and of course because it has been over a year since I last saw her, way back when we were still living in Singapore and I thought it would be nice to see Martina here finally.

Along with Marielle of CraftMNL, Martina and her business partner and friend from grade school, Kathleen King (Pat Pastelero, the third of the Catalogue63 triumvirate was in South Africa) had prepared a fun crafty afternoon for us, where we made bracelets out of scrap fabric...

...and badass shredded shirts perfect for moshing in the mosh pit (uso pa ba yan kids?) or worn as a cover-up over a bikini.  

Martina and Kathleen shared with us that just like And Apparel, the current in-house brand of Catalogue 63, Elin also is about comfort and ease, but it has evolved to become more polished and extensive, and includes dressier pieces, basic tees and maternity wear.

“We named our new brand Elin because we wanted a woman’s name that was simple and straightforward,” said Martina. “We also think Elin is a feminine name that’s not too girly, just like our clothes. Our hope is that our customers who love And Apparel will love Elin even more.”

Judging from these pieces seen on their lookbook, Elin is easy to love.

I wore my Elin t-shirt above the other day (excuse the boots, I had just come from the stables. Joke!) and it was just the comfiest thing! The fabric was so soft and cool to the skin, it has uniform potential written all over it.

Catalogue 63 is the brainchild of three childhood friends, Martina Pangilinan, Pat Pastelero and Kathleen King who go way back since their grade school days. Their love for clothes and their desire to bring together the best of Filipino labels and provide an online shopping platform for these brands prompted them to put up Catalogue63. And Apparel and Elin are their own brands borne out of their need for stylish basics, made from quality fabrics.

Elin is exclusively available on and


Anonymous said...

the items featured in your post are not yet on the elin website :(

cd_mfo said...

Most of the dresses saved for the striped dress are up on the site already! =)

Martina said...

Thank you so much for the post and for coming to our event! :) PS, the striped dress is up! :)

cd_mfo said...

Martina! I ordered it na! Paying tomorrow, pls have Paypal up na! Heehee!

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