Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dove says Don't be Camera Shy

Here we go again Dove, hitting me right where it hurts = my self-consciousness when it comes to having my photo taken. Eeeek!

Dove asks, when did you stop thinking you were beautiful? How come when we were little girls, we were never this self-conscious?

Good question. I don't know who to blame - Genetics? The photographer? Those beautiful girls who make looking good, look so easy? Or myself, for being my own worst critic? 

Naks. Profound.

Oh which reminds me, there's this really great read by Kasey Edwards entitled "When Your Mother Says She's Fat"

It's a thought-provoking reminder on why we shouldn't be so critical of ourselves. Because we project our insecurities to our daughters, and more than genes, we pass on our body issues to our kids.

Let's not mess them up!

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