Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Nestle Ice Cream Party Package

Because of Berry and Xavi's parties, I just learned through Marianne Matic of Nuffnang that Nestle offers an Ice Cream Party Package for parties. Which is a fun treat for both the young, and young at heart.

All you have to do is order online via or call their mobile hotline to get the Nestle Ice Cream Man to come to your party, like so:

I never realized how a simple pleasure such as ice cream could make a celebration so much more fun until I saw how Berry's classmates perk up at the sight of this:

Actually, my takeaway from Berry's party at school was that a parent need only spend for cupcakes, ice cream, chicken nuggets, corn dogs and fruit juice and the kids will just love, love, love you. 

Have I shown you Berry's cupcakes by Cat del Rosario of Tazzy Cakes for her Snow White party in school? OMG. Adorbs!

The kids were all waiting for Berry to blow her cupcake so they can get their hands on their own cupcake.

Snow White Berry's non-poisonous apples for her dear classmates

Cute right? Email if you need a pretty cake or two dozen cupcakes for your family milestones. She won't disappoint ;)

Anyhoo, back to ice cream. Ordering is so easy! Just go to the website:

Choose from any of the packages, starting at Php950 only:

You may opt to go for the pre-picked flavors or choose your flavors as you please:

Decide if you want it in an ice box (which I chose for Berry's party of 20) or a party cart with vendor (minimum of Php1,500) which we had for Xavi's party of 150 guests:

Complete your form, et voila! Ice cream pops for your party, just like that.

Actually, the adults at Xavi's party probably had more ice cream than the kids. It was that big of a hit. If you get this for your own bash, for sure, you'll get the same results too!

Nestle Party Package
Tel: +632 898 6260
Mobile: +63 920 691 8007 

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