Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Security Bank Cash Rewards + Photo Contest on Facebook

Don't you just abhor "Cash Only" stores and restos?

Cash Only? Thanks, but no thanks!

Or maybe that's just me. And Karrots. Because we hardly bring cash. Maybe enough for parking and such lang. 

When we are out, and the SA or waiter tells us, "Cash only po", we look at each other with panic. Sorry na lang, but no deal happening if there's no ATM in sight.

Maybe Security Bank has folks like us in mind. Because they want to reward their bank account holders with cash. Yes, cold. hard. cash. 

Add fresh funds, apply for & use a VISA/MC card, or enroll for online banking or bills payment and you automatically get rewarded with cash to spend any way you like. No expiry dates to keep track of or gift certificates that might get lost involved.

Spend your cash any way you like, anywhere. They will definitely come in handy when like me, you would want to:

- shop for kids clothes at bazaars, like at the recent Mom Pop Up! at Kensington Place in Fort Bonifacio.

- hoard gorgeous home accents at the Greenhills tiangge.

- or buy a quirky cocktail ring from a store that just opened and hasn't installed their credit card terminal yet.

No credit card? No checks? No GC? No problem!

Speaking of which, go and join the Security Bank Cash Rewards Photo Contest on Facebook, where you can win Php5,000 just by submitting a photo of how you will spend your Cash Reward.

Simply post photos of unique and hard-to-find items that you would like to use Cash Rewards for.

The more unique and interesting the item, the greater the chance of being chosen! Php5,000 is given away weekly. Join, join, join!

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