Thursday, August 08, 2013

Tonkita BBQ Tools and a Bucket

Tongue Twister: BBQing in the backyard of a Brooklyn brownstone, photo by Dada

One of our favorite summer activities with friends is a backyard BBQ.

We don't even need a fancy grill. We get our favorite folks to gather around a portable one, prepare burger patties, hotdogs, corn on the cob, asparagus spears, onions and sweet peppers, open up a bag of chips and prepare a cooler of icy cold soda and beer and that's a whole afternoon of fun right there!

What's not fun is cleaning up! While fat drippings and a bit of char on a burger or Pinoy style BBQ stick is a little dose of heaven, seeing these stickily stuck on a grill, you just know it can be hell to remove.

While Italians may not be known for their grilling skills (the closest to my mind is a panini. Oh and Nero), Italian manufacturer of household cleaners, Arix, has come out with a line of barbecue tools that would please the master of the grill, or whoever is tasked to clean up after a cookout:

You know what else is fun about outdoor barbecues? Seeing kids have fun at the sandbox and in the pool!

You can always use the pool water to clean up the backyard mess. Just dump the pool water into this stylish Tonkita duplex bucket...

Where you can dunk and squeeze out the mop in one go:

Italians may be outshined by a mile by good 'ol Southern barbecue pitmasters, but they sure have Sprezzatura when it comes to household cleaning!

For more on Tonkita by Arix, like their Facebook page:  

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