Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MFO Shoe Series: Pat Ramos, Manila

My Shoe Series has been gone for 2 years, and I have only me to blame. No excuses except that we got pregnant, moved countries, went through bed rest, gave birth, found my hands full with two kids and the other demands of daily life. 

I know I said no excuses, but just had to sneak those in, haha. But really, we're back, and back with a bang! Since I am now in good 'ol Manille, I've decided to shoot the shoes myself and do it ala The Coveteur while I'm at it. I mean, the focus is still on shoes but with glimpses of the wearer's character. It's gonna be fun every time, I promise! I have even asked Camille King to collaborate on future shoots, and she said yes, woohoo!

Now, what better way to revive the Shoe Series with a feature on yoga mom Pat Ramos's shoes. 

We've been friends since high school where she was such a jock, I remember she was not only playing for the volleyball team, but the softball team as well. But allow me to destroy preconceived notions about jocks.

Pat loves fashion. You won't see her in her Lululemons doing a school run. I'd bump into her in the mall and she'd be wearing YSL Tribute flats (yes flats). She is the only person I know who actually shopped at Hatch Collection for clothes to wear while pregnant. 

Plus, she has a most amazing shoe collection. Take my word for it. Even the way she organizes her shoes is the stuff legends are made of. While pregnant with her son and ordered to take it easy by her doctor, she went about organizing her shoe closet, ordering boxes from Papemelroti. "Buy 50 boxes and you get a discount!", Pat volunteered generously.

Her very supportive husband then set up a "mini studio" so she can take photos of all her shoes. The result? A wall full of goodness. I know what to do when I finally build my dream shoe closet!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I stopped counting my shoes just like I stopped counting my age ;)

To give you a clue, this is just but a snippet of her shoe closet. *Wink wink*

What's your shoe size? 


Which pairs are your favorites?

I did notice that my shoe profile has evolved from sky high heels to sensible flats. Motherhood!!! ;)

Louboutin spiked Pigalle flats - Flats with oomph! Can also be used as a deadly weapon.

Margiela Tabi flats - It's a step away from my usual ballet flats. And I love the metallic rose color.

CDG Silver sneakers - From one of my favorite brands, CDG! The muted color keeps it from looking too "teeny".

Isabel Marant Caleen studded boots - They are so comfortable!! Plus it's a great way to translate fall fashion into the Manila setting

Charlotte Olympia Delphine heels - My date night shoes!

I like the heel...

...and the cute little red heart.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes, which one would it be?

Louboutin flats. I can dress them up or down, plus they're comfortable enough to use on mommy errands.

What are your favorite shoe brands? 

Louboutin, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, Dr. Martens

"The colors are easy to work with and it's an easy shoe to wear with practically anything", says Pat.

What's in your shoe lust list? 

I'm looking for the perfect pointy toed pumps. Must be fierce but comfortable :)

And recently (because of you :D), leather loafers haha 

Where do you buy shoes? 

online, the Ramp Crossings, during trips

What's that one shoe you can't bear to give away or throw out? 

My old Nike trainers. Even if they've melted with age I still keep them with my current shoes.


neva | manilamommy said...

thank you for bringing back the shoe series tin and what an awesome shoe collection to bring it back with!

the margiela tibi flats is calling out my name...

cd_mfo said...

Neva, bongga divahhhh!

cheekeegirl said...

Oh My! Ms. Pat, I have the same shoe size as yours... wish ko nalang if you'd have it sell in bazaars,,hehehe.... Thanks Ms. Tin for featuring!!

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