Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yosi Samras & Me

It was fun reading about everyone’s dream destinations! I realized, that while I have been around, lived in some of the places you mentioned even, there are still so many places to discover, really. If only we can just pack up and fly, or sail and see the world with our family at the drop of a hat no?

I wish I can say I have gone all over with my Yosi Samras, but with two little ones, jetting off isn’t that easy. Hence, the farthest I have gone in them was during our last trip to Hong Kong. 

I only bought two pairs of shoes for that trip - my Isabel Marant Betty sneakers and my multi-glitter pair of Yosi Samras, which I ended up wearing most of the time with the day to night walking + Xavi in a sling that I did. 

Wearing my Yosi Samras on our way to grab dinner at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay

As much as it would be exciting to say, “Oh, I’ve been out traveling every week this month!” my Yosi Samras and I have been on a staycation, pounding the grounds of Metro Manila one pair at a time: 

 Italy? No, just having coffee at Cibo with Coach Pia, Janice, Kris & Jenny 

Gathering produce in the verdant green hills of San Juan aka Unimart 

ala New York Market Week, shopping at the Rags 2 Riches showroom 

Picking up a painting I commissioned from Soleil Ignacio’s studio in Pasig

As for you dear readers, where have your Yosi Samras taken you? Spill!


Anonymous said...

They look so good on your feet! Are they comfortable?... Marie

cheekeegirl said...

Haven't yet 'cause don't own one yet... I love the one which you wore in Unimart.. The second photo with the croc texture..I'm beginning to love my love of ballet flats even more because of your style Ms. Tin. It's very comfy having tots around. really!

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