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3 Day Cleanse with Detox in a Bottle

Because all that Dada & I practically did in Singapore was eat, I made arrangements to go on a 3-day juice cleanse with Nikki of Detox in a Bottle as soon as we got back. I figured, I needed a cleanse that was "supervised" and not just something I did by myself.

Note: Since I am still breastfeeding, I pumped milk daily during our trip so Xavi could still have my breast milk while I was doing the cleanse.

Detox in a Bottle is a detox cleansing program designed by US Certified Fitness Nutritionist Nadine Tengco. The program was initially developed in 2009 for Nadine’s clients who were always in some  “quick fix" weight loss scheme that often destroyed their metabolism. 

Depending on your goal, Nadine's bottles of detox juices and cleansing soups can either help you lose weight through her Weight Loss Formula, or "re-set the digestive system after indulging in unhealthy eating or drinking" via the Cleanse Formula.

In my case, as you know, it was the latter. For three evenings in a row, Detox in a Bottle delivered freshly prepared juices + a soup to my home, that came in this thermal bag:

Here's whats inside. Bottles are labeled with numbers to prevent confusion:

Along with it came a schedule on which drink to take, and I liked that I had the option to drink tea or coffee if I wanted to.

I didn't drink any tea the whole time I did the cleanse, but on my 3rd day, I had a cup of coffee, which I felt was much deserved haha.

Overall, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be, I think it is totally doable. Curious but not convinced? Let me address your concerns:

Hunger. As with liquid diets, I got hungry very fast! Thankfully, the 2 hour spacing makes the wait between drinking juices negligible. The morning session was a breeze. Lunch was a different matter. By noon, my tummy was growling with hunger. But the soups I had were filling enough and quite delicious!

Day 1 Soup: Cream of Pumpkin

Day 2 Soup: Roasted vegetables (tasted like pureed baba ghanoush! My favorite!)

Day 3 Soup: zucchini & carrot

The afternoon juices were just as yummy, and I never had the chance to feel hunger pangs since I kept myself busy. But the challenging time, aka witching hour, happens at 10 pm.

Day 1: by the time I was in bed, I felt the urge to eat, like my body was asking for it. What did I do? I slept it out. If that's how going to bed with an empty stomach feels like, well, it's torture.

Day 2: I couldn't ignore my hunger any longer. I had some cheese with melba toast and water.

Day 3: Slept through the hunger, it was the last day anyway.

Taste. I don't know if its just me, but I like the taste of vegetable juice in general. I get a kick out of drinking healthy and it makes me feel good. For me, doing the cleanse actually felt like I was treating myself right. As Nikki says, "a positive mindset helps magnificently", so during weak moments when you are feeling kawawa drinking vegetable juice, remember, "mind over matter". Just enjoy it and imagine how kind you are to your body.

Some of the ingredients used in Detox in a Bottle juices and soups include Lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, basil, parsley, tarragon, spinach, wheatgrass, banana, pineapple, papaya, lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, cloves, cayenne, stevia, pumpkin, bell pepper. Vegetables and fruits are all organic and free of preservatives.

Juice #1 had a banana taste to it

Juice #2: lemongrass + grit from ground flax = refreshing & delicious!

Temptation. I made the mistake of attending the Negros Trade Fair while on a cleanse. You know what, I have never felt so deprived in my life. The smell of chicken inasal and seeing all these Bacolod treats was torture. I wanted to drop the cleanse right there and then so I could eat! If you are going to cleanse, make sure you just stay home the entire time so you stay away from temptation. I had to exercise tremendous self-control just so I would not break down. I ended up buying five dresses at Ines Moda Infantil and home stuff from Domesticity to distract myself from the food. Well I did buy food, but for consumption after the cleanse na. Why am I being so defensive? Hahaha.

Side & After Effects. Just a lot of peeing but nothing too distracting. After the cleanse, I found that I actually lost about 3 lbs and my tummy was looking flat. I actually happened to have a blood test scheduled around the time I was doing the cleanse and the doctor noted that my ketones were elevated. Apparently, elevated ketones mean that my body was burning fat for energy. Hey not bad. Not bad at all.
If you want to learn more about DETOX-IN-A-BOTTLE Delivery Program, read the FAQs and other details below:

1 set of Juice Cleanse consists of the ff:
6 350 ml bottles
1 Non-Dairy Soup 


1-day Php 2,500.00
3-days Php 7,500.00
5-days Php 12,500.00

1-day Php 2,000.00
3-days Php 6,000.00
5-days Php 10,000.00


Open DAILY 8:00 am to 9: 00 pm to answer all your questions and schedule your juices.


Monday - Saturday from 4pm onwards.
PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT Juices are delivered the day before consumption so please allot at least 24 hours lead-time to prepare your juices.


FREE OF CHARGE for deliveries within Metro Manila.

A fee of Php 200.00 is required for deliveries in Alabang, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, & cities after Monumento QC. Deliveries should be scheduled 2 days ahead.


Call: 02-966-33-93
Text: 0917-555-6479

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