Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chug on the Go, with Contigo

If there is no such thing as too many sippy cups for kids, then us big ones can't get enough water and drink bottles either. 

Even if you have ten on rotation, don't you just want one with say, a storage compartment?

That's what Contigo is all about, a premier travel mug and water bottle brand that has found its way to our shores, after gaining popularity in the US, Europe, Middle East, South America, Australia, and Japan.

What makes Contigo different is that they offer solutions to the challenges that concern people with active lifestyles. I mean, how can you get into that state of Zen if your keys and class cards are splayed about with your water bottle and towel? Would you enjoy seeing your coffee overflowing into your car's cupholder as you navigate that speed bump? Or think about the lukewarm taste of water while biking the Nuvali bike trail. Not fun right?

With unique bottle features like 100% leak and spill-proof caps, heat retention of up to 4 hours, and cool retention of up to 12 hours, Contigo's line of simple yet functionally innovative and environmentally friendly drinkwares will treat customers to a mess-free and refreshing beverage experience every single time.  

Doesn't hurt that they look great too. Nikki Ng of Contigo Philippines sent us these lovely Contigo water bottles. Love how they're sporty yet sleek, and come in these fun, jewel toned colors.

Ever since 2003, Contigo has continuously been featured in publications like Good Housekeeping, CBS News, The New York Times, and the Oprah Magazine. 

In 2007, BusinessWeek named Contigo’s Patented AutoSeal stainless steel mug as a Bronze IDEA recipient.

Whatever style you choose, you and the kiddos can chug on the go, with Contigo.

Get your Contigo at Bikram Yoga Outlets and Baby Couture stores. You may also place an order online via their Facebook Page.
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cheekeegirl said...

These are so cute and very useful.. I hope the sponsors will host a giveaway pretty soon here Ms. Tin.

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