Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Johnson’s Baby Signatures of Love MTV

Remember the Dychiao Signature of Love  that I shared with you not too long ago?

I still enjoy watching our Signature of Love video to this day, and I know that even if Berry can’t express her emotions eloquently yet, and Xavi can only grunt, shout, smile, babble and say 2 syllable words, we know that our silly and sweet little ways of expressing "I love you" is just as heartfelt as any grand gesture. 

Xavi and I actually have a new thing now, doing “beautiful eyes” at each other. Like, we’re looking at each other from across the room, and he’d look at me and close his eyes and I’d do the same thing, and then he’d copy me back, with a naughty glint in his eye. I love how we can communicate quietly, playfully understanding and picking up on each other, just like that. 

Berry, Xavi and Dada have their own thing too, where Dada throws Berry up in the air and catches her, resulting in peals of giggles. Then Xavi joins in on the fun, asking to take his turn. When Xavi gets his turn, Berry begs for another round! Dada feels like a rockstar being chased by die-hard fans, hahaha. 

Which reminds me! Have you seen the entries for the Johnson’s Signature of Love Campaign? Better yet, did you join? About 200 moms from all over the Philippines shared their Signature of Love videos, and Johnson’s Baby put together a compilation of the cutest, most heartwarming Signatures of Love from the entries. And guess what, we’re part of it pala. Eeeep. 

I was super kilig when my friend Jana told me she saw me, Berry and Xavi in the compilation video. Na-extra kami! I was all the more shocked when I saw the same video on TV. OMG. I should have put on make up and blow-dried my hair for our video. Hahaha. 

Watch us here, along with the other moms & their adorable babies who just know how to tug at a mom’s heartstrings. We will copy all of your Signature of Love too! Heeheehee. 

Cute no?

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