Saturday, November 09, 2013

Naomi Campbell at Digital Fashion Week with ZENCHI

The day after the Digital Fashion Week press con, was the day we saw Naomi Campbell on the runway. She walked for ZENCHI, a Singapore label by Malaysia-born, Singapore-based designer Zenchi Ewe, that reminds me of Lanvin. Gorgeous draped dresses with a structured quality to them.

ZENCHI's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was shown as well at the National Design Center at 111 Middle Road in the Bugis area.

I had gone to Orchard Road after our afternoon at The Showroom Space and when I got back, the preparations for the show was at its height.

Models were getting prepped and primped.

Sponsors had set up their stations.

Guests were pouring in for cocktails.

A TV host was going around making his rounds, interviewing Digital Fashion Week host Simone Heng,

as well as The Face winner Devyn Abdullah.

Meanwhile, I was busy taking photos of the girls in my group, fellow journalists from Taiwan, Vietnam, as well our new friends from Opera Software.

Even Day of Apple News Taiwan, Trang Pham of Yan TV, Van Nguyen of Opera Software and Alice Cheng of Vogue Digital Taiwan

Agnes Agastia, Peko Wan, Fabrizio Caruso, Van Nguyen

Wuri Handayani Rostandy, Huib Kleinhout, Anissa Putri, Agnes Agastia, Van Nguyen

I even went backstage, because that's what you do when you get a backstage pass, babes.

As VIP guests took their seats ahead,

Followed by other invited guests, who settled into their seats with much anticipation,

The show then started. Here are some of the runway looks:

Honestly, and appropriately I guess, the best dresses from this collection went to Naomi Campbell.

She was a total glamazon.

Amazing how she can really light up the catwalk with just her presence.

Apparently, as the Straits Times reports, Naomi handpicked to wear ZENCHI over other established Singaporean designers. She was quoted to have said, "I've always supported young designers anywhere in the world. Of course, they proposed him, but when I saw his designs, I said yes."

I am pretty sure Zenchi Ewe will be busy from hereon then.

Because after getting Naomi's nod of approval, and the instant adoration from women like me who have just seen his work, he'll be inundated with inquiries, orders and features that he won't know what hit him.

Then again, maybe not. He'll remember he owes it all to #DigitalFashionWeek. Uh huh.

I would like to thank Opera Software, especially Eiko Raquel, Agnes Agastia, Peko Wan and Van Nguyen for the wonderful experience of seeing Coast by Opera at work, at Digital Fashion Week! 

Download Coast by Opera at and don't forget to check out the designer wallpapers made exclusively for Coast by Opera. There's one by ZENCHI too!

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