Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Full Foton Big Show 2013 Experience

I have to admit, it was the Foton Dancing Wheel Loader that inspired me to Bring Berry all the way to World Trade Center in Manila for Foton’s Big Show 2013 last Friday, October 25. 

One of the highlights was actually the unveiling of Foton’s 15 seater van, the View Traveller…

… but the idea of a dancing construction vehicle was just hard to get over!

Well, as if that was to signal the feel of the day, we were in for a morning like no other. 

Foton’s Big Show 2013 formally opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the guests-of-honor Senator Nancy Binay, The Chinese Embassy’s Economic & Commercial Attache to the Philippines Hon. Wu Zheng Ping and Department of Public Works & Highways Secretary Hon. Rogelio Singson.

To set the mood, the National University Pep Squad performed a high-powered routine, and stayed on to present Foton vehicles to the guests of honor.

 photo via

Hosted by the lively Cito Beltran and the lovely Nicole Asensio,

and with the presence of officials from Foton China,

…the management and staff of Foton Philippines, and their guests, were treated to accolades and speeches from the esteemed speakers…

As well as a wide array of Foton vehicles that just goes to show the breadth of Foton’s manufacturing capabilities.
There’s the handsome and rugged Foton Thunder pick-up truck, which retails at about PHp898,000 for the 4 x 2 model…

Commercial vehicles such as the LCV which would be great for making deliveries and shuttling merchandise around… 

Light duty trucks such as the Tornado models:

Foton Auman heavy duty trucks, the result of a joint venture with Daimler AG:

And an extensive line up of industrial and construction machinery such as fork lifts, excavators, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and such:  

But more than just the usual passenger and commercial vehicles, there were special Foton vehicles that Berry & I enjoyed seeing up close, the kind that little kids dreams are made of. 

The Emergency Response Vehicle which can load a rescue boat on its roof. Totally useful for crisis situations.

A tanker truck, OMG! When Berry saw this, she immediately ran for the stairs so she could come closer.  

A real red fire truck! Complete with all the whistles and bells that a fire truck requires. 

Then of course, as Berry & I climbed up to take a closer look at all the awe inspiring trucks, we were also treated to a first look of the Foton View Traveller, a spacious passenger van with safety features like dual front airbags, ABS and EBD, seat belts for seats, dual air con system. And as expected from Foton, reasonably priced at less than Php1.3 million. 

Seeing all these shiny, well-built Foton vehicles, was impressive. But we had to find out if there was more to Foton than form. 

With my fellow meticulous mommy friends Michelle aka My Mom Friday and Rowena aka Animetric, we just had to board the Foton Thunder to see for ourselves what it’s like to ride a Foton pick-up truck. 

Stepping inside, it felt just like being in a Japanese pick-up truck. The seats were comfortable, the leg room was spacious. The dashboard was pretty standard, but better than expected, given the price point. 

As for the ride? It was way better than expected! We had a smooth, controlled ride, and it felt like being in an SUV with great suspension. My brother drives a Japanese pick-up truck and it is so bumpy, that this Foton trumps his truck by a mile. Amazing! 

And with that, I leave you with a video of the Dancing Wheel Loader! Awe-mazing! 

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