Thursday, December 12, 2013

Get Curves

I do not have the discipline for exercise. Ningas cogon? That's me in ratty work out clothes. I will be like, gung ho the first month, and then, totally delinquent the next.

If there is one exercise I see myself doing regularly, it would be the Curves workout. Here's why:

1. Women only. Curves is especially focused on us women, and how our bodies respond to exercise and weight loss programs. Also, if you're the type to feel most comfortable in the company of other women, or you simply hate having to share equipment with sweaty, hairy guys, this is your kind of place.

2. No sugarcoating. This instrument is your frienemy. It measures your body fat and BMI. Before you start off at Curves, you are faced, if not slapped, by reality. Nothing will jolt you to the realization that you need to do something about your health stat than numbers that don't lie.

Here's mine.

Within range, but I do need toning, and I need to up my strength & endurance.

3. Self-reflection & Goal setting. I was forced to assess where I was and where I wanted to go. After all, there is no greater incentive than seeing yourself coming closer to your targets.

But of course, everything is set on paper.

4. All it takes is 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Now let me tell you why the Curves workout is doable.  It only takes half an hour, you can practically squeeze a session in during your lunch break. It never gets boring because you work on different parts of your body with each machine. But before you move on to the next machine, you get to take breaks with cardio exercises.

Not too intense, but it gets your heart rate up and you really do feel every part of your body is being put to work.

5. Stretching is glorious. If there's one equipment I want to be able to take home, it's this stretching contraption that allows you to stretch like a newly awakened kitty cat. I felt a stretch where I've never stretched before, which is just an awesome feeling after 30 minutes on the circuit. It just makes me feel so limber.

6. You see results. When you see other women losing inches and pounds, you know you're in the right place. Enough said.

Here's the caveat. Well, in my case at least. I find that while the workout is doable, it would be ideal if Curves was located 10 minutes away from me max. I realize, with 2 young kids and all the work that I do, I can really only afford to be away from home for an hour max. 

I went to Curves in Eastwood, and with traffic, it takes me 3 hours in all just to go back and forth along with the actual session. Now if only Curves would open in our area, I'd be all set. But if you live or work in Eastwood or Bonifacio Global City, I am telling you, you have no excuse not to work out! Seriously!

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