Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fatty Brain Toys for Smarter Kids

"Can you buy me binoculars, Mom?", Berry asked me the other day, each tiny hand balled into a fist, covering an eye.

I then remembered the email that Mona Ng of Fatty Brain Toys sent me before the holidays, just a few days shy before the holiday craziness took over.

Pretty pleased that Berry knew such a serious word, and in fact even knew what it was for, I blurted out...

"Of course! I know exactly where to get one!"

Kidnoculars by Educational Insights

You should have seen Berry's face light up when I said I knew where to buy binoculars for her. Like she can always trust Mom to have the answer to everything. (Well, I ain't your friendly shopping resource for nothing ;)

To be precise, I actually had a Kidnocular in mind. Mona's company, Fatty Brain Toys, distributes educational toys from Mightymind, Educational Insights and Blue Orange Games.

From L to R, starting clockwise from top: Talking Microscope, Mighty Mind, Kidnoculars, Coo Coo Rocking Clown, Mighty Mind Magnetic Zoo Adventure

The Kidnoculars are designed specifically for little kids, with enlarged focus-free eyepieces that are more than three times the size of ordinary binoculars and the perfect-fit goggles with placement guide enable kids (even toddlers) to see up close. 

All the better for curious little eyes to see better, my dears!

From L to R, starting clockwise from top: Pixy Cubes, 4-Story Book with Talking Pen, Bendomino, Pengoloo, String Along Lacing Kit, Shapes Bean Bag

Like the Kidnoculars, each Fatty Brain toy encourages learning, and is designed to make kids smarter - whether it be to improve memory, develop hand eye coordination, dexterity, aid in color and shape recognition, and such. It also keeps them fully entertained for hours!
In fact, Berry & Xavi received a Mighty Mind Magnetic Zoo from their Auntie Annabelle & her  family, and Berry loved it! She must have spent a solid 2 hours with Dada playing with it. Annabelle swears by it, because it's her daughter's favorite toy.

Plus, I can see how they're portable enough to be slipped into a bag and taken along for long trips. Now isn't this so much better than getting the kiddos hooked on the iPad?

Fatty Brain Toys Inc. 
Tel Nos: 0917-8820130/ 9756834
Instagram: fattybraintoys

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