Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hong Kong, January 2014: Day 1

I had Air Asia tickets for two expiring next month, so Dada & I decided to fly to Macau last weekend. Thing is though, we don't really go to casinos, and so we had this brilliant idea to fly to Macau, but stay in Hong Kong for the duration of our stay.
One thing I like about flying Air Asia? No lines. 

No lines at the x-ray machine, no lines when you pay the airport tax and terminal fee, no lines at the ticketing counter, no lines at immigration. We literally breezed through the normally arduous airport process at the other NAIA terminals.

Getting to Hong Kong was another story. Due to flight delays, it was almost 6 pm by the time we arrived in Macau.

Right after we cleared immigration and picked up our luggage from the carousel, we headed out to the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal to catch our ferry to Hong Kong. We got our tickets and went through immigration in 10 minutes, enough to catch the Cotai Water Jet bound for Hong Kong that was leaving in 5 minutes.

That's not bad at all, I know. But see, riding the ferry was not pleasant. At all. 

When my friend Miriam told me to take Bonamine, I should have taken her advice seriously. I was practically singing myself a lullaby, convincing myself that I was being gently lulled to sleep when in reality, I was thisclose to throwing up. Thank goodness for the Rio Mints I had in my bag, that somehow distracted me from my ordeal.

I told Dada as we stepped out, "Never again will I take a ferry! Ever!" Which I belatedly realized was something we had to do again when we leave for HK to fly out from Macau. Eeeeek. So I said, "When we go back, we have to stay at the top deck of the ferry na, Cotai First Class, baby!" Lolz.

That's what I get for thinking this Macau-HK-Macau sojourn was going to be a fun adventure. Well it was naman.

Because once we stepped into Pacific Place, all was forgotten.

Still, tired, hungry and having no energy to venture out into the famous streets of Hong Kong to look for food, as soon as we checked ourselves in at JW Marriott (Hello Mr, & Mrs. Stoeckl!), we headed out to Great Food Hall at the basement of Pacific Place, where we ended up at Triple-Os by Canadian burger chain White Spot.

Because when you're tired and hungry, it seems nothing satisfies that empty pit in your stomach like hunkering down to a big, greasy burger and fries. Or maybe that's just us. Haha.

I mean, just look at this baby. Nothing close to a Shake Shack burger, but I'll take it.

By the time we finished dinner and had walked around the grocery store, enthralled by all the food choices, all we wanted was to go back to our room and rest. Friday gone, just like that, but it was an experience like nothing I have ever experienced before. All in all, I was happy to be back in Hong Kong. Besides, I was looking forward to the whole of Saturday which was dedicated to eating and shopping!

That said, I just wanted to share with you at how pleased I am to have realized that all those sample sized tubes and bottles of cleansers, moisturizers and serums can come in very handy during short weekend trips! I used to lug around all my regular sized products, too resistant to transfer them into travel containers. But then, I had this eureka moment! Why didn't I even think of this before?

Since I still breastfeed Xavi, I also brought along a sample sized pouch of  Cradle bottle cleanser to wash my bottle and breast pump parts with, that was just enough to use for our stay! I don't know if it's just me, but I really get a kick out of these things. Heehee.

Day 1 was not heart pumping exciting, but tomorrow, I shall regale you with my Ap Lei Chau finds! OMG!


Meikah YbaƱez-Delid said...

Hmm... I like! :)

Didi said...

Hi Tin! The ferry ride should be pleasant IF the waters were relatively still. I remember riding that ferry one time with my Panget and I told myself, never again! It was raining hard that day kasi and we had no choice!

I remember it being cheaper to fly to Macau than HK and would suggest it to friends, but when we finally did it - ayoko na.. Sayang the time spent transferring from here and there.. I guess if you have the luxury of time - pwede siguro.. :)

Happy Chinese New Year Tin! :) Hugs to your little ones! :)

Love, Didi

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I agree! Sayang the time! Thought it would be an adventure, but when time is limited, better to go straight to HKIA na nga lang! Haha! Gong Xi Fa Cai, Didi! Hope to see you soon!

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