Thursday, January 09, 2014

J. Crew Looks I Love: January 2014

I used to stay away from prints, save for checks, plaids and ginghams. But lately, I found myself treading more boldly into printed category that I probably have over a dozen printed items in my wardrobe these days. 

J. Crew makes prints easy to love, as you can see here. Still low key and very, very tasteful.

Of course, I will forever be drawn to classic neutrals. 

I love these muted pairings here with shades of rust to add some deepness into the color palette. 

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Blaise Fortuna said...

Hi Christine! I've been visiting and reading your blog for sometime now. :)

I'm intrigued with this spot remover--can it be used to clean leather? I have a leather beige pumps, and it has now stains from dirt from usage. I'm afraid to use anything on it as it might get damaged, I wonder if this product can be used for leather. Any advice? Thank you!

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