Monday, February 10, 2014

Herr Ye, Herr Ye

For my fellow S&R shoppers, I bet you often see these huge tubs of Herr's Cheese Curls whenever you do your grocery shopping, if you haven't been a frequent buyer already, that is. They're pretty hard to miss.

Apart from the regular cheese curls flavor, I would often see this as well, the Oven Baked, Deep Dish Pizza flavored cheese curls.

But it wasn't until Rica de Jesus aka Heart 2 Heart online, sent us the whole range of Herr's cheese curls flavors did I realized how much I've been missing!

Herr's Bacon Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Deep Dish Pizza and Jalapeno Poppers oven-baked, flavored cheese curls

First to go was the Baked Cheese Curls made from pure corn meal, and we are currently slowly eating our way through all 6 variants we've received. We kind of have to stop ourselves from eating a whole bag in one sitting! 

These Herr's oven baked, preservative free flavored cheese curls are so good, I promise. What's nice to know too, is that Herr's as a manufacturing company takes environmental awareness seriously.

Most of the waste generated from their factory is used at the nearby Herr’s Angus Farm, wherein water discharge is used for spray irrigation, sludge for fertilizer and potato skins for fodder. Any product that does not meet Herr’s quality standards is used as cattle feed.

They also make an effort to recover starch from potatoes. The recovered starch is sold to paper manufacturers who use it to make fine paper products.

As they proudly say in their website, "Although a great deal of natural vegetable material comes into the Herr’s plant, very little waste... and nothing toxic, goes out."

There's no junk in Herr's, that's for sure!

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