Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Honda Pilotto (It's a Fashion Blog After All)

Dada sits on the board of the company that owns the Honda Kalookan and Honda Greenhills dealerships. Last week, straight from his board meeting, he excitedly told us that we were going on a road trip so he can test drive the Honda Pilot.

The Pilot is Honda's largest SUV, with three-row seating. Less visible in our city streets than their popular CR-V, I am now of the opinion that if faced with the option, I want a Pilot, seriously. Here's why.

1. As Ms. Berry White presents, it's a nice big, hunk of a vehicle. About as big as a Range Rover but easier to get into and out of.

2. The dashboard is streamlined and sporty. None of that awful wood paneling. A great safety feature is the rear back-up camera with backing sensors, so you can watch what's behind you on the dashboard as you back-out. It has plenty of provisions for charging mobile phones and USB connectivity.

3. It's spacious leather seating is perfect for long drives, as it can comfortably fit 8, with space for bags on the floor, and storage compartments for magazines, phones, snacks, baby wipes, and all sorts of travel essentials.

It's easy to get into the 3rd row, just lift the lever and pull the seat forward. I got to sit with Xavi and Ate Weng at the rear, just to try it out and it was actually quite fun there at the back. The 3rd row seats 3 adults and is roomy & comfy, which is not common amongst most SUVs of this class.

4. Speaking of storage space, the Pilot has cup holders all over. Back in grad school, I learned that cup holders are a huge factor when it comes to deciding on which car, or even stroller to buy. If that were the sole benchmark, the Honda Pilot wins. It has cup holders in between the driver and front passenger seats, 

Cup holders between the second row seats,

As well as cup holders on the sides.

I especially appreciate that there's plenty of space to keep your sunnies, the cellphone for Waze-ing, and all sorts of road trip sundry above the glove compartment.

5. It has a moon roof and a sun roof. Quite useful when campaigning for elections, so you can wave to the crowd as you drive by.

I don't have modelicious long legs, but I am pretty sure Miranda Kerr wouldn't have to worry about cramping her legs in a Pilot. 

6. Really, there's lots of leg room all over, even on the third row seats

The Pilot is actually known for their ample legroom, which is great if you are a family of tall people, or if you simply enjoy going on long drives. It guarantees a comfortable ride, even if you've got small kids shouting "Are we there yet?" at the back seat. Actually, come to think of it, I never heard a peep or squeak from Berry the entire time we were riding the Pilot. She was so settled in that she never even bothered to ask.

7. Of course, there's ample cargo space in the back for coolers, overnight duffels, golf bags and such too. The seats fold flat if you need to load it with small furniture, a  4x4 painting, or suitcases.

8. When it comes to performance on the road, it's a smooth operator. With a 3.5L i-VTEC V6, 24 valve engine, it's big on power. Dada says it is easy to maneuver and very responsive. We had a smooth, stable, comfortable ride. Not matagtag at all!

9. Most importantly, it is big on safety. The Pilot comes with tethers and anchors for car seats,  driver and passenger airbags and knee bolsters, side airbags with Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) and side curtain airbags up to the third row.

10. I also read that with an all wheel drive system, the Pilot can wade through 19 inches of water. That's 1.5 feet of water, so it's perfect for flood-prone Manila.  Isulong na sa baha!

I told Dada that when it's time to buy a bigger vehicle for when the kids are bigger, I wouldn't even consider buying a van anymore. We'd be better off with a Pilot that fits the entire family. Now if only directors get free Honda Pilots. Hahaha.

To learn more about the all-new Honda Pilot, contact Tina Marcelino of Honda Greenhills at 9953216-18, +639175335084 or the Sales Manager, Jie Salcedo at +639175268326.

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