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MFO Shoe Series: Kat Garcia, Manila

Kat Garcia is my momma fitspiration. Just take a hard look at those seriously hard abs.

I often ask this mom of two for fitness tips and I love how she encourages but never pushes me to workout. What she told me to focus on, was to be conscious of what I eat. Like she always says, "Abs are made in the kitchen! Torn in the gym! 80% nutrition, 20% sweat!"

A self-confessed workout junkie and healthy eating advocate (sugar and salt are the enemy!), she calls herself a "crazy purse collector who loves bikes, cars, pistols, basketball and is a hardcore UFC fan." And I love how her shoe collection is a true reflection of her personal style!

Btw, for this year's series of shoe girls, I enlisted the help of my friend, photographer Camille King, to join me as we take the Shoe Series a notch up with professional photos (when all of our schedules permit of course, heehee). Hope you will love this new look for the series as much as I do. Super thanks Camille for becoming my partner in the MFO Shoe Series now!

Since Kat is a purse collector first & foremost, Camille & I just had to get photos of a few of the highlights of Kat's purse collection.


And now, on to her shoes!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? 

I used to own over a 100 pairs but I had to downsize...since I can only bring what I need in our condo.

Girly pairs that she hardly wears, but can't let go of, as these were gifts from her Mom

Boots for traveling to cooler climes

More girly shoes from her mom

What's your shoe size?

Omg... for real? Im a 9.5-10.... hey wait almost 5'8 naman ako! But yes...all my trainers are Men's shoes!

Which pairs are your favorites? 

My Nike 2014 Fly Knit Airmax and Asics Gel Blurr33 - great for all around training.

If you could only wear one pair of shoes, which one would it be? 

Hahaha!!! I can wear Nike or Asics all day!

What are your favorite shoe brands? 

Nike, Asics and New Balance

What's in your shoe lust list? 

Ooooooooh.... tough one but I hope batman (my dad) sees this. Also madame (mom). ALL nike 2014 fly knit mens shoes haha!!! I said ALL! and Asics Kill Bill.

Asics Kill Bill via

Where do you buy shoes? 

Nike Shang. Nike at Shang has a good selection as always. Well, I'm obviously a suki since I bully the kuyas there to give me the first dibs on new arrivals! Plus my kids tambay there and the ates and kuyas are okay w/ them haha! 

Planet Sports and Net-a-Porter...oh and GigaSports Hong Kong.

Isabel Marant Bayley Star and Bekett wedge sneakers from Net-a-Porter

What's that one shoe you can't bear to give away or throw out? 

My Lebron basketball shoes.

Of course, I could never let Kat go with just sharing her shoe collection. I had to ask her about her workout routine, what she eats, and because she has amazingly poreless skin, her skincare routine.

How do you get those abs? I mean seriously!

For my workout routine...I have been going hard these days because of endurance and strength training. I want to be macho so I can maneuver my dream Ducati monster bike. Also I want to join the basketball team here sa Rockwell Gym, I'm not kidding.

I am doing krav maga soon and going back hardcore on kettle bell training. I do cardio via summit trainer and run 4km w/ abs on fire MWF, then tues/thurs/ sat I go heavy on strength training. (Didn't Kat say abs is 80% nutrition? Buti na lang!)

Uhm ok, change topic, hahaha. Let's just talk about what you eat? 80% nutrition, majority wins.

Oh for the food, well I design our own shakes and meals that goes well w/ our training. My husband is on a fat cry/lean up program I designed, while I'm on a high energy/ high protein lean up program. I have perfected one shake I use for pre, during and post workouts. I call it the fat cry/lean up energy shake.

Fat cry/lean up energy shake
1tbsp ground flax seed
1/2 banana
1tbsp whey protein powder ( I use show me the whey from healthy options) but peanut butter will do for the kuripot ones hehe
1/2 yakult or 1/2 nestle strawberry yogurt
1/2 cup almond or skim milk
1/2 cup water


Now, tell me about your poreless skin. It looks airbrushed you know.

I use to be a solid La Mer junkie but I had to stop for a while because I want more Airmax and I'm saving up for a 9mm pistol and my dream Ducati monster bike haha!!!

I use pure argan oil all over. I have a bad case of psoriasis and my kids have skin asthma. It was the only product that made us say BYE to the lotion we hoard at S&R hehe!

It was a gift to me last Christmas, it was a lot so I gave them away as well. I really don't plan to sell them...and go all out in the market, but what I use is 100% pure argan oil from Spain and has certification. I supply friends and family and some derma clinics at the Medical City.

PS - Of course, Camille & I ended up buying a bottle of this wonder Argan Oil from Spain and convinced Kat to sell to MFO readers as well! It's unscented and is so non-greasy, I use it on my face each morning as a base for my CC Cream. Email if you'd like to buy too! 

For more on Kat's fitness adventure, follow @mamakathere on Instagram. 

Unless credited, all photos by Camille King of Camille King Photography. Like her Facebook page, HERE.

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