Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SoMoms & Elin

When Martina of Elin asked a couple of us SoMoms to a shoot with Camille King, in their clothes, it was a no brainer. Of course we said yes!

All of us were fans, from back when Martina, Kathleen and Pat started Catalogue63.

Elin is just the kind of brand you can rely on for trusty wardrobe staples - tunics, tops, dresses and such that are not just comfortable and flattering, but are also cut to look great for every kind of figure, whether you are in that pre-natal, pregnant, post-natal, even way past bearing age stage of your life.

Me in Carla, Chesca in Cammy, Michelle in Kiara, Jackie in Amber, Jen in Joelle, Jenny in Ava

Take this Diane dress for instance,

We all loved how well it fit each one of us, and made us look like donyas, for just Php995!

I think the secret to Elin is that they understand what real women want to wear. They take into consideration the body issues that we have, real or imagined. But most important of all, they are made to complement our lifestyles. Just check out their new line of nursing tops and dresses for breastfeeding moms to see what I mean. 

Elin is not about us adjusting to how we act or walk because of a dress they deem we should be wearing. Yes, I am talking to you Herve Leger.

Elin is about being in a dress that allows us to just throw it on as we go about our daily tasks, and yet making us look stylish while we're at it.

Discover and shop Elin at

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cheekeegirl said...

very regal huh! i love how it turned to be chic and elegant. I love your hair Ms. Tin

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