Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Name Your Grapevine" Facebook Contest by Welch's

So, I heard via my mommy grapevine that Welch's is giving away The Spa GCs and Welch's Gift Packs weekly until April 7, 2014!

Yessireee! It's for realz. If you're a mom, you should join. If you aren't, just tell your mommy relatives and mommy friends, you've found an easy way to treat themselves and the girls in their lives with some pampering time at The Spa, or over glasses of Welch's Grape Juice at least!

Here's how to join, so simple really:

2. Post a photo of your personal grapevine of mom friends and tag everyone in it on the Welch's Philippines Facebook page.

3. Type the name of your Grapevine and include the hashtag #mywelchsgrapevine

That's it, and next thing you know, you might be on your way to enjoying a relaxing time with your favorite girls at The Spa!

Welch's Grape Juice FAQs:

Q: What is Welch’s Grape Juice made of?

It is made from Concord Grapes which have a natural tangy flavor and benefits unique for a grape.

Q: Why is Welch’s a healthy juice drink?

It is rich in Polyphenols, antioxidants that help keep your cells and body healthy and high in Vitamin C which helps strengthen immunity. 

Q: How is Welch’s grape juice made? 

The whole grape is squeezed to make sure none of its grape goodness gets lost. 

Q: How many servings of fruit do you get from welch’s grape juice? 

One daily fruit serving in only ¼ liter consists of 40 grapes in a single glass. 

Q: How is it different from other juice drinks? 

There is no added sugar, flavoring or colors just like mother intended. 

For more information about Welch’s, please visit their website:

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