Monday, March 17, 2014

SM Kids Welcomes Summer in Style!

Here I am caught on camera in my element.

Shopping really is one of my most favorite things to do, heehee.

These aren't paparazzi shots though, these are behind the scene shots from the SM Kids' Big Holiday Hunt that happened over the holiday break, where we were tasked to complete 10 outfits with a tight budget and in a span of mere minutes.

The Chinita Moms got pitted against...

The Tisay Moms, heeheehee.

But we all shopped equally well because it was a tie! Because as you know, moms are really such great shoppers when it comes to kids clothes. Between the two groups, we spotted so many cute pieces, it was proof that you can dress your kids for whatever occasion by just going to SM, especially if you've only got so much to spend.

Inspired by our finds from the hunt, I did a lot of my holiday shopping at SM Kids Fashion for Christmas. I especially chose a lot of Hello Kitty pieces for Berry's girl friends...


Because I wanted to collect the super adorbs Hello Kitty planners!


I scored three Hello Kitty notebooks for 2014 - one that I kept for myself, one for my Mom and one that I gave to my friend Melissa Mejia. Collecting Hello Kitty planners was the highlight of my holiday shopping responsibilities. Not that it was a chore, because I really just mostly shopped between SM Kids, SM Baby and Gingersnaps, and it was so easy to score great finds, I did not have to look hard at all.

Summer 2014 is no exception, because SM Kids Fashion makes it so easy for moms to dress our kids in the cutest and chicest outfits for romping about the pool, play dates at the park, or setting out to beach destinations while on school holiday. 

Last week, SM Kids Fashion invited their friends to a mini fashion show at Shine Bakery in SM Aura so we could see for ourselves what's now in stores, including a roster of international brands like Nautica, Maui & Sons and ELLE Kids.

I tell you, we really are spoilt for choice this summer and the seasons to come!

So adorable! I especially loved the embroidered light blue gingham dress and the Maui & Sons rash guard and board shorts. If there's one thing I'm getting for Berry & Xavi each this summer, that's that!

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