Friday, April 04, 2014

KaHone: Discover the World in a Box

A couple of months ago, Berry received her first KaHone through her Tita Sara.

Sara's sister, Lani, a homeschooling mom of a 5 year old boy and 4 year old girl, started KaHone because she would think of all sorts of activities, like arts and crafts, that her kids could do to supplement their lessons, and figured, she might as well share her projects with other moms as well.

An example is this Jack & The Beanstalk story telling book where kids can cut out drawings and match it to the page where it should belong.

For the kids to fully understand the idea of "growing things" and how a bean could turn into a beanstalk, it came with a "gardening" kit, so kids can see the beans turn into a plant.

Last month, we got the bug themed box.

But instead of creepy crawlies, we learned all about bugs in a cute and fun way.

Each KaHone box usually comes with 3-4 projects, so you can space out the activities, or keep them occupied the entire day.

Each "project" comes with easy to follow instructions, such as this on bugs craft.

Berry made a bee, catterpillar, dragonfly and grasshopper using wooden clothespins! It was so much fun!

She also made a firefly using a plastic bottle and a glow stick.

Need to have the lights out to see, heehee.

Berry has two more projects to work on, and it's April already! Which means, time for the April KaHone box to arrive in the mail. It's Frozen inspired, so I am pretty sure Berry would have a blast with it!

The cool thing about KaHone, which makes it so handy dandy especially if you bring it along to out of town trips, is that the box comes with craft materials you'll need for the projects for that month. No need to dash about the bookstore to get supplies if you've run out, or don't have one on hand.

But if you already have the basic craft materials at home and don't need additional scissors, glue or tape, you can opt for KaHone lite, which only includes the projects, no more materials.

You can get a KaHone for as low as Php 533.34/month even without any additional promo codes, FYI, they do give out surprise promo codes for selected boxes!

About KaHone:

KaHone was created out of passion for hands-on fun that promotes learning and develops creativity and expression in every child. 

It is an innovative service that saves busy parents the trouble of researching and running around different toy and craft shops just to assemble one interactive project. 

Unlike the art boxes available at toy stores, KAHONE is delivered to your doorstep monthly - a convenient way of creating cherished bonding sessions between parent and child by containing all the materials and instructions for 3-4 themed projects all in one box.

KaHone is heaven sent for parents of 3-7 year olds, working moms who wants to monitor how their kids spend their time, stay at home moms who are running out of ideas to keep their kids busy and productive, homeschoolers who want to provide a follow up activity to their workbooks and basically any parent who would want their kids to discover and learn new things in a very fun and creative way.

For more on KaHone email, follow KaHone on Facebook, and follow @kahone_art on  Instagram. The website will be live soon!

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