Friday, May 09, 2014

Mamon it Yourself with Monde!

What happens when your Monde Mamon made with real fresh eggs, imported wheat flour, and milk...

Meets bowlfuls of choco chips, mallows, sprinkles, nuts and all sorts of toppings...

Sweet, colorful icing...

And fresh, chilled fruits and cheese?

A rolling good time and the prettiest and yummiest of mamons, that's what!

Last weekend, Berry & I attended Monde's Summer Mamon it Yourself event at Yardstick Coffee, where our eyes were opened to an easy to do, budget-friendly family activity that is guaranteed to get kids occupied and entertained during a summer downtime.

I know the most uncompromising of moms will love this, because this is the stuff that building memories are made of. Rather than just spending on a new toy that kids will tire of in a day, Mamon It Yourself is perfect for summer family bonding, where you can while the hours away without even noticing it pass. 

Chef Mitchie Sison taught us how to make different kinds of icing - from cream cheese frosting, to cookies & cream frosting, to swiss butter cream icing.

Of course, she also demonstrated how to hold an icing bag correctly, as well as different icing techniques. As with any skill, she encouraged us to just start again if we make a mistake, because practice makes perfect!

Aren't these pretty?!

Berry of course wanted to frost her own mamon at the event. Very minimalistic too with just a couple of red gummy bears here and there.

Next up was the ultimate donya, Grace Baja aka The Spoiled Mummy, who shared with us how to use our everyday pantry staples like peanut butter, chocolate and fruits to make healthy, delicious snacks that kids will love to put together as well as eat for merienda.

From a cheesy mamon topped with butter, queso de bola and muscovado sugar, to a peanut butter & jam mamon sandwich sneakily sprinkled with toasted almonds and chia seeds inside, to a peanut butter/banana mamon loaded with mashed bananas and banana chips, all three elevated the usual mamon snack to something the looks and tastes a little more special.

Of course, Grace also made a chocolate and strawberry version, which I nicknamed Spoiled Mumon. It’s chockfull of her favorite snacks - like chocolate and strawberries laced with pistachios!

After Chef Mitchie and Grace's inspiring demos, we got to work on our own mamons.

It was such a cute idea to group the toppings into muffin tins, not only did it look so festive, less washing required after too, haha. 

I let Berry have a go, letting her imagination take its course. 

She started off with some chocolate syrup, gummy bears, marshmallows and candy sprinkles.

While watching Berry, I couldn't stop myself from picking up some icing, and doing a Death by Chocolate mamon, decorating my chocolate mamon with chocolate icing, a Bingo sandwich cookie, chocolate chips and crushed chocolate cookies.

Of course, Berry chose pink icing for her mamon. And we happily decorated away until it was time to leave.

Before we did, a heart-tugging video was shown to us:

Early the next morning, Berry was still on a Mamon It Yourself high.

She was like, "I want to decorate mamon, Mom! I want to decorate!" Like twenty thousand times.

Thankfully, we got to bring home this hefty Mamon It Yourself at Home kit, replete with a host of toppings as well as a generous supply of mamon to while our time away.

During breakfast, I gave Berry a can of whipped cream, and Nana got her some fresh strawberries. Of course, we both ate her strawberries & cream mamon before we could take a photo. That was pretty, and delicious, trust me!

Then, she said she was going to make cake for her doll Alessa. 

She carved out a heart-shaped mamon with a dinner knife and topped it with Sarabeth's Raspberry & Key Lime jam and her favorite mini marshmallows.

Berry asked for a candle and lit it up, after which, we sang a Happy Birthday song for Alessa to the top of our lungs.

Then Xavi eagerly blew out the candle for Alessa, we clapped for Xavi, and collectively dug into Alessa's birthday mamon while discussing our next Mamon it Yourself ideas for the days to come. 

It was a great way to start a lazy summer day! Yummy too!

Bond with your kids by buying a box of Monde Mamon, whip up some icing and bring out the sprinkles so you can Mamon It Yourself too! For more inspiration, check out

Don’t forget to share with all of us what you’ve created by posting it on your social media accounts using the hashtag #MamonItYourself! I wanna see!

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