Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Princesses, Fairies and a Chichi Mary SALE!

It's true that good things come in small packages. 

Make that, pretty dresses in tightly wrapped packages. Because that's how the real world rolls.

Packages from Chichi Mary, such as this one, have unearthed many a pretty dress, so pretty that all my mommy friends ask me where I get Berry's dresses.

This tulle confection from Siaomimi Play is one of Berry's favorites.

Sometimes she wears it belted.

Other times she wears it loose and flow-y.

Another fun find is this Siaomimi Fairy Dress. This also comes in white.

With the requisite fairy wings of course. Incidentally, the gold glitter on the star print sheds. A lot. 

At first Berry found it distressing, until I told her, "It's ok, that's fairy dust!" That settled it right there and then.

But more than just princess and fairy dresses, I personally love the other brands that Mitshi Rodriguez of Chichi Mary personally picks up from her buying trips in New York.

Take for instance Djaknemala's puff dresses in easy breezy cotton. Unfortunately, I was not quick on the draw and this Aloha dress in pink and white was sold out on Berry's size. 

I have tough competition at Chichi Mary. Apparently, many moms have discovered it as well.

So I got this chic black & white version instead. Berry is still in her pink phase, but I am hoping she discovers the beauty of black soon haha.

This Stella Cove Aishwarya dress is so perfect for summer. Impossibly chic, without looking too grown up.

Incidentally, if you shop Djaknemala and Stella Cove till the end of this month, and use coupon code DJAKSCMAY2014, you get a 15% discount at Chichi Mary! Woot woo!

Speaking of princess and fairy dresses, I don't see anything wrong with letting our girls dress up like a princess, or a fairy for that matter, even in the face of a huge uproar on the so-called princess mentality.

It's disturbing how things are manipulated these days. How supposedly watching Disney movies can make one feel entitled. Or how wearing pink is like the worst thing to let your little girl do. 

I mean seriously, let's not over analyze things. Let's just let kids be kids you know? They'll outgrow it. 

What matters is that they have parents who put sense and substance into their heads at the end of the day. Pink clothes and princess stories do not make a child. It's parenting and proper guidance that weighs in the most.

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