Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Sige Sabado Day + Win a Trip to Legoland Malaysia from Breeze

What was it that was said about conquering fears? That you just go ahead and face it head on, right?

Well, that's exactly what I did with Berry & Xavi.

We received a Sige Sabado Playbox from Breeze, filled with crafting supplies enough to last us many Saturdays, and the dare to say "YES to Learnings, YES to Stains!"

But, uhm, we all know that moms hate stains right? It's like our biggest enemy. There's something heartbreaking about seeing grass stains on your son's Gap skinny jeans, or spaghetti sauce dribbling down a pretty smocked dress from Gingersnaps.

Actually, make that spills, sticky goo, or virtually anything that comes from a fun, active childhood.

of course I freaked out, but thank goodness for that Sige Sabado Playbox reminding me to pull myself together and just be a Sige Mom!

But I gamely allowed the kids to open the box, and discover for themselves the mess they can make, I mean the fun that they were about to embark on.

We started off by filling a pot with soil and planting monggo seeds, so they can learn about how plants grow from seeds.

But since it will take days for us to see results, we moved on to the next thing - painting a Harlequin mask!

Masks freak me out too, not as much as stains, but they do. But hey, "Sige ng Sige" dapat!

 should have been a harlequin print, but accidentally colored the white parts, sige lang ng sige!

Berry: I don't want to put the mask on my face, Mom! 
Me: Sige lang, just do it! (Heeheehee)

It turned out pretty nice, if I may say so. Pretty enough to bring to a Venetian Ball perhaps? Haha.

If there's one thing that best represents facing one's fears, it's this mask.

We opened the Sige Sabado Playbox that might as well be Pandora's Box of stains.

We chose to do a Harlequin mask that gave me the shivers while Googling for inspiration (maybe it's from watching too many horror films).

We forged on even if paint was dripping into spaces it shouldn't be dripping into - and you know what?

It was fun!

As for you Dear Readers, why not share your Breeze Sige Sabado moment by uploading it via the Sige Sabado app in Breeze Philippines' Facebook Page? You might just win a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia! For more details visit Breeze Philippines on Facebook!

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