Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Pandora's Spring Paradise Collection + Mother's Day (Hint! Hint!)

A couple of days back, my friend Karrots & I were invited over for tea by our friends from Pandora (Hi Rochelle, Tricie & Riza!) at Spices in Manila Peninsula.

with  event stylist Ferdi Salvador and the day's host Issa Litton

 It was for the launch of Pandora's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection and it was oh, so, pretty!

the gorgeous table setting

scones, savories and sweet treats flanking flower beds

look up and the ceiling is equally pretty with flowers galore!

these blooms weren't just for display, Pandora sent us home with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers to celebrate Spring

As with the day's set-up, the Spring Paradise Collection is a celebration of new life, the unfolding of Spring, taking it's cue from Mother Nature where an assortment of soft florals, pastels, and delicate swarming butterflies take flight in this collection.

Delicate Butterflies in pendants, rings, earrings and charms are made with sterling silver and embellished in zirconia. Some of these pieces are especially crafted with Milgrain Detailing, mimicking the intricate texture of butterfly wings.

the Butterfly, the messenger of Spring,  symbolizes transformation, renewal and rebirth

The flowers of Spring meanwhile are captured in their distinctive colors and hues with the Soft Spring Flora and Roses Collection.

daisy chains, lavenders and wild flowers, bows and everything little girls are made of

 English roses on rings can be worn individually or stacked together

Pandora's popular pave ball charms have been re-imagined as lovely bouquets with multi-colored cubic zirconia in the palest pink, lavender and purple, set in contrasting sizes.

Shimmering Lace meanwhile conveys gentleness, softness and delicateness - qualities that best remind us of the woman who nurtured us with gentleness, whose hands softly brushed our hair after each bath, and whose delicate touch taught us what it also means to be strong.

Mother's Day is coming in a few days, hint! hint!

Yes, I am talking about our moms! Or, us moms, pwede din. Because Mother's Day is happening this Sunday, May 11 and if you're in a tizzy as to what to get her (or yourself!), then Pandora's Spring Paradise Collection has the answer.

Whether it's a starter bracelet or bangle that symbolizes milestones ahead...

Or a full on stylized bracelet with charms, there's always something for the special women in our lives.

Pandora's Spring Paradise Collection is in stores now. Let me repeat, just in time for Mother's Day. Wink! Wink!


kikaysikat said...

I'm definitely trying this tine! Thanks for this wonderful post!

bunenen said...

Hi Christine,

I read your blog post and I bought a small bottle of Avene Thermal Water from Watsons here in SG! Just like to try. :)

I just wanted to ask a few questions:
1. Do you use toner in your skin care regimen? Or just that cetaphil, avene, and moisturizer?
2. I read that you live here in SG for a while. Can you recommend a good facialist here? :) Please, please, please, my face is so breaking out, and I tried one facial spa but didn't like the result. :(
3. As I was buying from Watsons last night, I saw there are other brands of mist water like Uriage and Bio-essence? Is Avene better than those two brands?

I hope you see my comment. Thank you! :)


Manila Fashion Observer said...

Hi Karen! Great start! It's life changing, promise!

1. No need for toner! I just use cleanser, avene and moisturizer, that's it!

I actually didn't need to go to a facialist while there, I think this
cleansing routine helped me manage my skin issues. But my aunt who lives
there goes to Dr. Aivee Teo's clinic in Paragon.

3. I've only ever tried Avene, since that was what Garance Dore recommended, and I've never tried anything else!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Yes I would think so! It manages oil production and should help manage breakouts! =)

bunenen said...

I also tried the Avene. I don't know if the breakouts are caused by that. :(
Dr. Aivee Teo is a Filipina?

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