Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Shop Safe Online with a MasterCard Virtual Card

I was initiated into the world of online shopping when I first bought a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence at SaSa in 2005 and since then, I have gone on to explore and embrace this then uncharted shopping territory like a fish takes to water. 

Today, I am obsessed with online shopping. Big, huge, humongous fan? That’s an understatement.

Between Dada & I, we have bought a flat-screen TV, gadgets, furniture, bags, shoes, clothing, an electric guitar, groceries, specialty food items, beauty products, makeup, diapers, toys, actually, make that everything! 

Just some of the stuff I've bought online: Berry's Pampers from diapers.com, groceries from FreshDirect, my trusty La Mer UV Fluid from cremedelamer.com, Alexander Wang Rocco from satineboutique.com, Gianvito Rossi pumps from netaporter.com, CdG Play striped shirt from lagarconne.com,, Valentino rockstud flats from valentino.com, Samsung flat screen TV from amazon.com, Mulberry Alexa from lagarconne.com, SK-II from sasa.com and sk-ii.com

It’s not just about variety, it’s ease of use and convenience. Apart from the fact that I can do my shopping right at home, or wherever I am on my mobile phone (hello there Net-a-Porter and eBay apps!), it just shaves off so much time for me. Rather than take a shower, get dressed, step out and go out to look for what I need, I just search, compare prices (here’s looking at you, ShopStyle) and add to cart online. In minutes. Easy Peasy. 

While I still find shopping in stores a lot of fun, there are deals online, such as coupon codes and free shipping, where the price just can’t be beat elsewhere. I especially get a kick out of receiving packages, because it feels like Christmas all the time! 

 If you have yet to explore the possibilities and experience the thrills of shopping online - maybe because you still feel nervous about the whole thing, or you’re simply afraid of credit card fraud, then I’m about to share with you something life changing. 

*cue music* Presenting, the MasterCard Virtual Card!

The MasterCard Virtual Card is a regular plastic card or a reference card that shows a card number and the card verification code for use only on the Internet.

Unlike a physical plastic credit, debit or prepaid card, a MasterCard Virtual Card is not accepted for face-to-face purchases or at in-store card payment terminals.

It’s definitely safer and a lot more secure to use for online purchases. Here’s why:
  1. Your MasterCard Virtual Card number gives you the security of not disclosing your regular card number online to protect your primary credit or bank account details from identity theft. Your MasterCard Virtual Card account number is issued exclusively for use on the Internet.
  2.  Your MasterCard Virtual Card allows you to limit your credit line for online shopping, so you don’t have to worry about dubious Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels splurging on your card. With a MasterCard Virtual Card, you can carry out online transactions without having to worry about maxing out your credit limit.
  3. Family members aka your supplementary cardholders are also given unique accounts for online purchases. These separate credit card and virtual card accounts allow you track online and retail purchases separately.
If you are a MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid cardholder from the following issuing banks - BDO, BPI, EastWest Bank, Metrobank, RCBC Bankard and Security Bank, then you can get a MasterCard Virtual Card account number to use exclusively on the Internet.

Simply apply online by visiting the official website of your MasterCard-issuing bank and completing the application form online.

With that, you’ve got a whole new world to discover! Happy Online Shopping!

Ready to shop online with your MasterCard Virtual Card? I shared some tips for savvy online shopping, HERE!


Leah Marie Silang - Guamos said...

hi. you are so pretty po and kind. More power!

next9 (Jen CC Tan) said...

I have one from BPI and that's what I use! Thank goodness!

Angie Cuyugan said...

Hi! Do you happen to know of a place in Manila that sells these?

Jennifer G. Calubad said...

hi tin! when you order from sites like lagarconne or valentino, do you have them ship to manila? i've mostly just ordered small stuff shipped to manila but for valuable items, i have to have it shipped to relatives in the US and then pasabay when they come to manila.

just curious how your experience has been.

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Hi Jen! I send via Johnny Air for pick-up in Megamall, via Forex Cargo shipped to their warehouse in LA for door to door air freight and through friends. So far all good experiences naman!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I had one before from BDO but it expired na! I haven't had problems with online shopping naman with a regular card, but if there's a safer option like this, so much better!

Aishtemas Tan said...

How much did it cost you when you had your Valentino shipped through Johnny Air? How much did you pay for the shipping?

Manila Fashion Observer said...

My friend brought it home for me, I just timed it when she went home for a trip! But I know Johnny Air charges per lb. You can also try out Forex air shipping!


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