Friday, June 27, 2014

Forexworld = Shopping Enabler

Over the summer, I discovered Forexworld, a new way to ship my online shopping finds from the US to here without hassling anybody at all. Ever!

It's like, if you are on a secret shopping mission, this is the way to do it. Everything's just between you and your computer. No human contact required. Ahihi.

Prior to Forexworld I would usually:

1) Ship to my friend Me-an or sister Trina so they can ship it to me. This is usually for:

- consolidating several purchases, so they can pre-pack for me, heehee. I love Me-an and Trina!
- big ticket items, so I can have them check it out to see if it everything's perfect. No scratches, no missing parts, etc.
- shoes where I am unsure of sizing and I want Me-an to try it on for me because we pretty much know that if it's small for her then it's gonna fit me. 
- items where I am not sure if it's a good buy, and I want Me-an's approval. Hahaha.

This also allows me to make returns if needed so that I don't have to worry about shipping it back to the US.

2) Ship via Johnny Air direct. 

I'd address my package to Johnny Air and call Johnny Air to check if the package has arrived when online tracking says package has been delivered. Just to double check, because I'm sigurista that way.

I once ordered Tieks online, and it said "Delivered", but the actual package never really arrived. So I've just made it a habit to double check, doesn't hurt to watch your packages like a hawk.

Anyway, once Johnny Air confirms that package has been received, they ship the package to Manila, easy peasy. This is usually for books, not so expensive shoes and clothes, makeup, stuff like that.

I have actually heard of Forexworld's balikbayan box shipping service from our friend Paul, but it was only when Gretel Pery, Paul's sister-in-law, told me about their internet shopping and air freight delivery service that I finally got to try them out.

Because hello, we're talking online shopping support here, heehee.

To cut a long story short, I tried out their service when I bought my summer sunnies online. And I am happy to report that they arrived, intact, and complete. And to think I asked them watch out for 2 separate packages so they can consolidate my order too!

All I had to do was:

1) Sign up for a Forexworld account HERE:

2) Once confirmed, I ordered the sunnies and used Forexworld's Los Angeles Warehouse address as my shipping address, addressed to me. 

Christine Dychiao  
12820 S. Main St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90061 
Tel no. 310 - 523 - 4080

I logged on to my account and chose Drop Ship from the Order Type dropdown menu. I chose Drop Ship because I already bought the items and wanted them delivered to their warehouse. (to get the full step by step on Drop Shipping, click HERE)

You can choose Online Shop if you want them to do the shopping for you if you don't have Paypal or don't want to use your credit card. You just need to pre-fund your account via PayPilipinas or BPI or BDO bank deposit.

3) After filling in the details, I got an update with my Order ID number which meant they were already watching out for my package.

4) When my package was delivered, they notified me that it was received in their warehouse. I didn't have to make any calls or email to follow up with them anymore.

Because I decided to save on shipping by buying another pair (uhm does that make sense? haha) I made another Drop Ship order and asked that this be consolidated with my first order.

Again, I got a notification when my second package was delivered to their warehouse.

5) They put together the contents of both packages and I received another notification, this time advising me of when my package was expected to arrive.

Soon enough, the sunnies arrived at my door, just like that. Without me having to worry about where the packages were, thanks to constant updates from Forexworld.

In fact, I could also choose to check on the status of my order by accessing my Forexworld online shopping account. No need to follow up the local office by calling constantly, which is what happens sometimes with Johnny Air.

Now, how much does this cost?

Air freight charges depends on the items that we purchase i.e. item’s packaging dimensions, weight and its cost. 

Air freight shipping cost is $24.95 for the first pound (lb) with an additional $3.95 for each added pound. For electronics, the additional charge per succeeding pound is $6.95. Weight is rounded off to the next pound. 

If package is bulky, weight is measured by volume. Value calculated to get the cost of shipping is based on actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. 

Delivery takes approximately seven (7) to ten (10) days. Currently Forexworld can only service Luzon deliveries.

For Pinoys based on the East Coast, you might want to check out Forexworld's Air Freight promo for bigger packages that ship out from their Virginia warehouse. 

$95 for a small box that you may fill up to 20 lbs, and $170 for a larger box that you may fill up to 40 lbs.

For more on Forexworld, visit their website and Like the Forex Facebook page.


Manila Fashion Observer said...

Didi, game! Does it ship out from the West Coast or the East Coast? Heehee!

DIY Corporate Mom said...

So the cost includes customs? I hate that hassle kasi!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Yes Trina! No more customs duties! Door to door talaga!

Julia Smith said...

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