Wednesday, June 18, 2014

H&M in Manila, Very Very Soon!

Now it can be told!

Sometime back in December of last year, just a few days after H&M officially announced their entry to the Philippines, I got an email from Amirul Shah and Lisa Chai of H&M Singapore, telling me they had been wanting to talk to me, because they were looking for PR agency recommendations here in Manila. 

I had met Lisa years ago in Singapore, when I covered the H&M Singapore opening for The Radar in The Philippine Star and we soon reconnected via phone where she confirmed that H&M really was coming to Manila! OMG.

It was one thing reading it on a press release, and another hearing it straight from the source. I had waited years for this, and it was truly, finally, finally happening! 

The excitement continued to build up when I found that a friend of mine from high school, Gigi Mathay, was in charge of HR for H&M Manila and was keeping us all updated and entertained with her H&M training adventures on Facebook.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I finally got to see the H&M Manila showroom. 

I am also happy to share that Lisa chose well from the list of PR agencies and contacts I shared with her because well, apart from the fact that my list was carefully handpicked with only the names of the ones I have worked with and/or I know will not disappoint, she chose Bridges, one of my personal faves, because they are always the nicest! PR peeps, it pays to be nice to MFO. Just kidding. Hahaha.

And with my little role out of the way, haha, here's a sneak peek of what to expect when the store opens very soon, sometime during the 3Q of 2014. I am guessing that's by August at the earliest. Fingers crossed.

patent leather mules, very on trend

delicate slip dresses, sheer tops, knits, faux fur

a matte chain necklace, which also comes in a glossy taupe/gray

crystal flowers on grosgrain

ultra strappy sandals

real cashmere

silk crepe, chiffon, sequins, leopard spots

crystal embellished top

cropped poodle sweatshirt

sequin top

a bright knit

faux leather shorts, influenced probably by the Alexander Wang for H&M line (worldwide drop is in November, and yes, it will be launched here too!)

slip on sneakers in python and mock croc

priced at a fraction of my Celine skates, not bad!

The H&M Manila flagship, a 3,000 square meter store which dedicated followers of fashion and retail know will be at the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall, will be a full concept store and will carry everything from the kids line to men, women and teens. Sadly, there will be no home section. For that, you'll need to get that from Europe or the US for your fix for now. Hee.

footwear for kids

cute cat leggings for kids

not your usual sweatpants, it's for men, but I want this for myself

nylon bomber jacket, mesh, leather, wool blended shirts for men

boat shoes in tweed, camo slip ons

I missed Lisa  who was in town, and Gigi who was just back from H&M China at the H&M Open House, as they were inside, working at the office, but it was a treat to see another friend, Chef Florabel Yatco who catered the event. I enjoyed her salted caramel tartlet...

...and I wished I could down these mojitos, but had a glass of refreshing dalandan juice instead, which was just as perfect.

But here's the better treat. Prices will not be too far off from pricing in other markets. As with all H&M markets, there are great deals to be had. This slip dress for instance, according to H&M Showroom Manager Nikki Verzo, will retail for just Php899. Imagine that!

H&M will surely rock our local retail scene. And with this taste of what's to come, will only make us wait with bated breath when it finally opens in just a few months time. Exciting!

The H&M Philippines flagship store will be occupying three floors insde Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall, and is slated to open Q3 of this year.


ledzlim said...

Will they be carrying their plus size line here?

Maila Ditas said...

I love the cuts of the blouse and tops. Love to wear it during summer.

DIY Corporate Mom said...

I used to work with Bridges! Toni and her team are the most gracious ladies around!:)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Let me find out, but I know they have sizes that go up to 16! Keep you posted!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Yeah! Can't wait to shop na!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Now that you've mentioned it, I can totally see you there! ;)

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