Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hong Kong with Dada + MUJI to Go

Late last month, my favorite travel companion – Dada, and I flew to Hong Kong. 

We stayed at our favorite hotel in Central, JW Marriott, because it’s just so accessible to our favorite neighborhoods. 

Not that we needed to be anywhere fast. It was the kind of journey where we had no set agenda. 

Call it a babymoon/inspiration seeking/food trip kind of thing where we just let our feet take us where they wanted to go, where we kept our eyes open for new business ideas, and armed with a list of must try restaurants from HK-based friends, let our hungry tummies lead us to the nearest must-try spot. 

Yup, what was certain about this short vacation was that Dada & I wanted to eat well. Not necessarily the fancy “eat well” sort of thing, but we wanted to check out those hole-in-the wall kind of places that locals frequent and love. 

They’re so good, I really ought to share them with you, so here goes: 

Mak’s Noodles 
77 Wellington Street, Central 
We already had dinner, but Mak’s Noodles was in the area, and we just had to try their dry noodles sprinkled with prawn roe, and soup of wontons stuffed with saltwater prawns. Small on serving size, but big on taste! Definitely a great place for a late night snack. 

33-35 Bridges Street, +852 2547 9273

Don’t let their bite size servings of chicken yakitori fool you. Give everything that’s highly rated on their menu a try, and you might just have to roll yourself down the steep climb to Bridges Street to get back to your hotel. You must order their heavenly sweet corn tempura, chicken oysters, Korean fried cauliflower aka KFC, chicken meatball yakitori with egg yolk and finish this off with their chicken and egg rice. If these don’t hit the spot, I don’t know what else will. Warning: we came by on a Monday night and the place was packed. They don’t accept reservations so just go early!

Yardbird's chicken meatball yakitori

Yat Lok 
G/F, 34-38 Stanley Street, Central

If you’re a huge fan of goose, duck or BBQ pork meals, then your goose is cooked at Yat Lok. Dada had roasted goose with noodles for afternoon merienda and he says the goose was perfectly cooked. He’d want to go back and try it with rice next time. The couple in front of us (yes we were seated across complete strangers) had BBQ pork with rice and that looked good too. This is a place that’s definitely worth coming back to.

Dada's roasted goose with noodles

Tai Cheong Bakery 
35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, +852 2544 3475

Two words: egg tarts. Theirs are said to be the best in Hong Kong.

Tim Ho Wan
Shop 12A, Hong Kong Station, IFC Mall, Level 1, +852 2332 3078

Yes, we have Tim Ho Wan in Manila, but still, HK is the birth place and nothing is more convenient than checking in your suitcase early at the Airport Express in IFC and then killing time waiting in line at Tim Ho Wan. Of course, the food does not disappoint, so what’s not to like?

JW Marriott Room Service 
One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

Even room service at our hotel did not disappoint. It was 2 am and our tummies were grumbling (granted that we were eating practically non-stop the entire day) so Dada and I split JW Marriot’s bacon cheeseburger and fries, and it was divine!

Kau Kee
G/F, 21 Gough Street, Mid-Level, Central

Honestly, we didn’t really get to try this place, but we hear their curry noodles and beef brisket noodles are legendary. The line outside tells me there is truth to the legend, so we are definitely coming back to get a taste of their noodles on our next trip.

While disappointing to miss out on Kau Kee, and ten more different restaurants on our list, the upside is, this gives us all the more reason for Dada & I to plan our next adventure! But after I give birth na, heehee. 

Speaking of traveling and planning adventures, I might as well let you in on MUJI's latest campaign, MUJI to Go! 

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Perfect to have them ready now, for when you’re feeling spontaneous. With these on hand, you can just always pack up and leave!  

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Manila Fashion Observer said...

Haha! And in HK, sitting with strangers won't ever be a deterrent to the promise of enjoying a good meal! We didn't even know of these places until friends who live there told us about them, and they did not disappoint! Definitely worth checking out! ;)

manilamommy said...

Saved this list!! Thanks Tin! Dan and I want to go back to HK and go on

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