Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Christmas 2014 Gift Guide: KOR & JOCO

You know what's a no-fail gift idea?  This.

If we ourselves cannot stop buying sippy cups for our kids, the same goes for adults I think. 

We cannot have enough water/drinking bottles. 

There's always one that's perfect to bring to pilates class, one that fits perfect inside our everyday tote, one that stays cool or hot for hours, and is perfect for long road trips. That sort of thing.

When it comes to water bottles, KOR is a favorite among my friends. 

It's stylish and ergonomically-designed yes, but it's also practical - with features such as a cushioned base, hygienic, easy to drink from spout, an easy to open hinged cap (no worries of losing it!), even an inspirational KOR Stone - for inspiration at every sip. So you really won't "lose it", if ya know what I mean.

But what if like my friends, the people in your gift list already have a KOR or two? Well this is great to have, the KOR NAVA. It turns ordinary tap water into filtered water! The filter is made from 100% pure coconut shell so it's totally natural, no worries about sediments and stuff getting into your drinking water.

In fact, wouldn't it be great to get one for every member of the family? It's perfect to have each one bring this around, especially if your family is the outdoorsy/adventurous type and frequent places where the tap water source is questionable and access to mineral or bottled water is spotty at best.

As if that's not reason enough, through KOR's Thirst for Giving™ program, each time we buy a KOR bottle, KOR donates a percentage of sales to a select group of non-profits focused on water-related causes. Nice no?

But if your friends are more the coffee/tea drinker types than the water therapy kind of peeps, then these JOCO reusable glass coffee cups will float their boat! 

Mel Ongsue-Lee, who distributes KOR and JOCO, sent me these glass coffee cups to try out as well, and I loved it - perfect size, cute to lug around, and made from sturdy glass - the same 100% BPA free, heat resistant, microwave safe borosilicate glass used in cookware, modern baby bottles, even laboratory glassware.

They're not just for adults too! In fact, my kids have co-opted our JOCO cups, and they use these when they drink their hot chocolate or warm milk.

They're great for kids because of the no-slip silicone sleeve, and the splash free lid. If my two little bosses approve, I am sure your bosses and office colleagues will too. These will help them to be kinder to the environment as well, because they get to ditch the paper cups!

At the moment, get your JOCO cups online at www.sunnysunday.com.ph

KOR hydration vessels are available at Howards Storage World, Conlins Element, Alessi, The Flat Shop, The Cutting Edge, Kitchen Pro, Seattles Best, Plana Forma, Beyond Yoga and online at www.sunnysunday.com.ph too!

Start your Christmas shopping na! To get your hands on KOR and JOCO now, click HERE: https://sunnysunday.com.ph/products.do

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