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Christmas 2014 Gift Guide: Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids

Whut! September na? You know what the "-Ber" months mean, getting prepped for the holidays! Thought I'd start off the season with posts on possible Christmas gift ideas, so I won't forget, and so you can get some tips along the way too! Let's kick off with a great present for our mommy girlfriends - the cookbook Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids!

I learned about this fun new cookbook, Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids, by Katrina Ripoll and Lara Saunders via my friend Marge Perez, who is friends with one of the authors, Katrina.

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids authors, Lara Saunders and Katrina Ripoll

Katrina sent me a copy, thanks to Marge, and after finally going through the cookbook page by page, I loved how it's more than just a compilation of recipes. It's filled with tips on how to truly take healthy eating seriously, with:
• A list of what you should eat more of and what you should have less of when it comes to meat, breads, sweets, etc without sacrificing flavor or fun. 
• A supermarket checklist to take with you on your next trip.
• Tried and tested advice on every recipe for the best success.
• A shopping/where to buy guide that includes the authors' favorite LOCAL sources/suppliers of good ingredients. 

Best friends since childhood, authors Kat and Lara, were immersed in the world of advertising and marketing, publishing and art. After over a decade in Canada and Europe, they found themselves back in Manila as first-time-Moms, and with seven kids between them, Lara’s love for cooking and Kat’s baking skills led them to exchange recipes over the years, and share and discover more about feeding their families with healthy delicious meals.

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids is the fruit of their years of collaboration, where they share their recipes, tips and advice on preparing easy and nutritious meals at home.

“We were challenged by the lack of local resources on healthy cooking for our kids,” says Katrina, “We’re excited to show other moms how easy it is to say no to junk and yes to simple, home­cooked meals.” 

Working with Nutritionist Rebecca Lwin, Katrina and Lara share tried and tested recipes their own families love, including Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets, a healthy homemade version that’s just as popular with kids, Very Tasty Vegetarian Lasagna, filled with nutritious vegetables, Kawaii Kimbap, seaweed ­wrapped rice triangles that are perfect for baon, and healthy desserts such as Awesome Apple Crumble and Honey Yogurt Sundaes

 “Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring, bland or expensive,” says Lara, “These dishes are full of flavor, easy to follow, and budget friendly for all moms!” 

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids is available at branches of Fully Booked and National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches for P650.

For more about the book, visit their website, and Like their Facebook Page,

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