Sunday, November 02, 2014

Halloween Trip and Treat with Oreo!

My mommy friends and I wanted to do something different this year for Halloween. 

We figured, wouldn't it be nice to have a small Halloween event, where kids don't have to walk too far to get their treats, it won't be as noisy and as crowded as public Halloween parties, and us moms wouldn't be pressured to come up with fancy costumes?

Luckily, Oreo, everyone's favorite cookie, gamely and happily provided us with lots of treats!

Then, my friend Fifi Wong offered to host a Halloween party for our kids at his friend's hotel, Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay. 

And we were pretty much set!   

The Costumes

Before we headed to Tagaytay for our Halloween Trip and Treat, my first agenda was to come up with costumes for the kids. I didn't want to spend on costumes any more, so I decided to get Berry's help in scrounging around their closets to come up with something fun that will still look like we made an effort. Haha.

I told Berry maybe she'd like to be a garden fairy this time. So she chose an old ballet uniform of hers and paired it with an old flower head dress that she got from her Flores de Mayo stint in our province back in 2012. 

We paired it with fairy wings and a wand that I bought years ago at H&M.

Because I told her there was some outdoor walking involved, she decided to skip her ballet shoes and wear her Mini Melissa mary janes, her current favorite pair of shoes.

Here's how she looked, sans flower head dress, which had fallen out by then. Oooops.

trick & treating at Hotel Kimberly's pool area

For Xavi, I took inspiration from Buddhist boy monks:

I put together my orange pareo from Clarins, a gift with purchase haha, some red jasper beads and his Saltwater sandals. With his shaved head, I figured he'd make a cute mini monk.

Unfortunately, he refused to wear this costume. 

I had a back up costume, his train engineer costume where he just had to wear his engineer stripe Osh Kosh overalls with a white shirt, a cap and a red bandana but he still would not let us change him. Two years old palang, hindi ko na maloko. Oh wellz!

So our souvenir Halloween photo taken by Stanley Ong turned out like this. Xavi not in costume. Not very Halloween like, but cute pa din!

The Trip

We started off that early weekday morning for Tagaytay, meeting up at the Shell gas station in SLEX, and filling up our tanks as we headed up to Hotel Kimberly.

Celsi and Stella, Kris/OC Mom in Manila's very able staff who met us at Shell SLEX, gave us more Oreo cookies to snack on for the duration of the trip. We were off to a great start!

When we got to Hotel Kimberly, we had plenty of time for the kids to play, freshen up and have lunch before the main Halloween event.

Part of the fun of this trip was that the kids had this huge jungle gym all to themselves, 

And a petting zoo filled with cute animals to keep them entertained:

Xavi feeding a bunny

a flock of bengalas, chickens and ducks

rams and billy goats

The Treats

For our Halloween event, Michelle/My Mom Friday prepared a Halloween program packed with games and activities. From a treasure hunt, eating contests, an Oreo quiz, relay games, to a pinata, a table full of prizes awaited the winners!

Mish/Momma N Manila, with the help of her daughter Gia, baked and prepared all these Oreo themed goodies from scratch!

All of these came beautifully together with the Halloween themed sugar cookies that Didi/The Candishhh Tales contributed, the fantastic graphics that Tina/The Phenomenal Mama designed (you can even download the printables, just click on my link to Tina's blog), and the other Halloween themed elements that Cai/Apples&Dumplings of Paper Chic Studio prepared for our scary, sweet, stupendous DIY dessert buffet!!!

Of course, the kids had a grand time picking up treats at the different Trick & Treating stations scattered all over Hotel Kimberly, which was the highlight of their already action packed day, of course!

at the front desk

at the restaurant/dining area

by the cabanas

by the petting zoo

Was it the best Halloween ever? You betcha! Kids, friends, a road trip, adorable animals, the cutest desserts, and lots of Oreos is a formula that guarantees loads of fun!

For more Spooky Cookie ideas from Oreo, check out,


Mom-Friday said...

Sayang Xavi's monk costume! Cute nga since he has shaved head! For the program, I have to credit YBS who prepared everything, I only suggested a few ideas for the games. :)

PhenomenalMama said...

Ang saya, Tin! Just looking at the photos makes me smile already. Looking forward to our Christmas party na!:)

mymommyology said...

Ok si Stan Ong the Photographer ha! Kuhang kuha mo siya in almost every shot! But seriously this looked like a really great Halloween! Congrats #SoMoms!

krissy said...

So excited to see the newest addition to the Dychiao family! :)

krissy said...

So cute! We need more posts from Berry! :D

Didi said...

I super enjoyed my time with you guys! I think mas nagenjoy ako than Connor! Hahaha.. Lovely lovely company!! Thank you Ladies, Oreos and Hotel Kimberly!!

Love, Didi

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