Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NEW! Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection + Sugar Acid Neutralizer

Ahhh, cavities. We must have spent a small fortune on dentist visits for Berry because well, she can't resist sweets. Then again, I do have a sweet tooth, but tempered lately because I don't want to have gestational diabetes. Teehee.

In fact, I have become so paranoid about diabetes, cavities, and the costs associated with it, that I have stopped buying sweets. But then again, Halloween came around, and we found ourselves with bags full of chocolates and candies, resisting proved futile.

However, late last October, and just in the nick of time, Colgate came out with a new breakthrough in cavity protection: this snazzily packaged Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection with Sugar Acid Neutralizer, tadaaa!

According to Mr. Antonio Caro, GM of Colgate-Palmolive Philippines, Sugar Acid Neutralizer is the second biggest breakthrough next to fluoride, which makes this a really big deal in oral health care.

Their new product, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection + Sugar Acid Neutralizers is in fact, the first and only anti-cavity toothpaste that goes beyond the protection of fluoride that directly fights sugar acids in plaque – the #1 cause of cavities.

But did you know that sugar in sweets is NOT the main cause of tooth cavities? Any kind of food can be culprits – from the rice we eat everyday to healthy food such as fruits and vegetables! This is because all of these contain starch, which are converted to sugar acids that weaken teeth and cause cavities. 

So yeah, good to know chocolates and candies aren't exactly the enemy (whew! they ain't so bad after all). But scary that our everyday food is causing cavities too eeep!

Thankfully, the NEW Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste fights cavities in two ways with the unique combination of Sugar Acid Neutralizer and Fluoride

Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps deactivate the sugar acids in plaque making it easier for Fluoride to strengthen and repair the teeth, thus preventing cavity formation. 

Together, our families get a fighting chance to be truly Cavity-Free!

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