Thursday, February 19, 2015

Breaking Bread

Here's some new knowledge I've got to share with you, especially if you often feel bloated, tired, or suffer from migraines.

If you've been feeling unwell all these years, and you've chalked it up to age, or your body just getting more sensitive these days, don't blame yourself.

It could be the food you eat that's causing it.

At least, that's the premise behind the most talked about test in town - Food Intolerance Testing, which I took through Hi-Precision Diagnostics, upon the urging of my friend Mel Ongsue-Lee.

The results were so enlightening, I have already made a conscious habit of avoiding dairy...

Dairy-free Coconut Milk Drink by So Delicious, available at SM Hypermart and Spice Island Trader in San Juan

And taking a break from bread. Beautiful bread. "Bread, break na tayo!"

How to stay gluten-free when in Paul Boulangerie? Gluten-free Paillassons Champignons

So yes, you can guess by now that I am intolerant to dairy and gluten. Anything that has to do with cow's milk and wheat, I've got to say bye bye. For now at least. (According to Mel, just avoiding food we are intolerant with for three months, already has significant effects on our sensitivity to it.)

Dada & I took the test back when I was almost due with Tepper.  I figured, since I was about to breastfeed again soon, and also anticipating a season of sleepless nights, I better find out which foods I should avoid, because "Bawal magkasakit!"

Mel scheduled to have a phlebotomist from Hi-Precision come to our home to take blood samples. (Yes! they do home service, so convenient!)

Bright and early, and getting my blood drawn. Yuh. I woke up like dis. 

He asked us to fill up some forms, he drew some blood, and that was that!

Sooner than soon, the results came out. The food intolerance test results look like this. Segregated according to 1) Food Groups.

Food Group segregation allows you find alternatives from the same food group

and by 2) Order of Reactivity.

As with traffic lights, Red means stop, Yellow proceed with caution and green means go

It was kind of sad that a lot of my favorite foods fell into the red and yellow categories, but hey, if that's what it takes to be in tip top shape, then avoid is the way to go.

I am happy to report that ever since I consciously made an effort to avoid the food items in the red group, I am feeling less lethargic and more energetic. 

I mean seriously, pre-Food Intolerance Testing, there were days when I always felt too tired, and I'd blame it on not having enough energy to take care of the family, manage the household and do my work. 

But now, I have one more baby in the equation, essentially the same amount of work, and I am doing just fine with enough energy to spare. Yes, despite the sleepless nights!

If you'd like to find out what food items you are intolerant of, visit a Hi-Precision Diagnostics branch nearest you, or request for home service, like we did! Call (632) 741-7777 to schedule and visit for more details.

For customized nutritional requirements or for further consultation, contact LIFE SCIENCE (Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine) in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig at (632) 828 LIFE or (0917) 573 LIFE.


Toni Tiu said...

Type ko 'to! I have a feeling I can't tolerate bread. I guess I'll find out soon. :P Thanks for posting about this, Tin!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

You're welcome! I've eliminated bread na and I do feel less sluggish! It's life changing, hehehe

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