Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gifted Makes it More Yummy!

A new offering from my favorite pizza place, the Strawberry Burrata at Gino's Brick Oven Pizza

This strawberry burrata at Gino's Brick Oven Pizza is so yummy, you have to try it! But what made it more yummy in my case was the fact that it was Gifted (Thanks again, Elaine!).

Kasi diba, "Mas masarap pag libre!" Ahihihi.

A voucher which entitled me to a meal at Gino's

Syempre, mas lalong masaya magbigay. And that's what Gifted is all about.

Gifted is the first online gift certificate retail website in the Philippines.

You can in fact shop gift certificates from over 50 of Manila’s well-loved local and international brands at Gifted.

Each gift certificate comes with a customized greeting card and recommended gift item, adding a personal touch to a typically generic gift certificate.  

And because I'm always up for new and novel concepts, especially if it make's my life so much easier, I tried it myself and loved how easy it is to give gifts via Gifted, not just for special occasions but for random moments as well.

The other day, I surprised Dada with a Saboten gift certificate.

I just added a gift certificate to cart...

And made a card,

with a note saying, "Lunch is on me, Dada!"

He was so surprised because it was out of the blue, and I think he loved it too! Heehee.

Gifted also has fashion brands (Rosanna Ocampo/Le Bunny Bleu, etc), specialty stores (Fully Booked/Quirks), and even Benel archery and Enderun cooking classes in its roster, so if you want to give clothes, jewelry, or lessons as gifts, no need to worry about choosing the right piece, or scheduling a class at the right moment.  Just gift a Gifted gift certificate so your recipient can do the honor of choosing what's perfect for him/her!

Gifted is also perfect for Filipinos based abroad who would like to give gifts to family and friends back home.

It also solves a lot of problems if say, you forgot to buy a gift for someone on his/her birthday. Just send a Gifted gift certificate, and they get your gift in seconds! No need to worry about time delays, shipping, or meeting up and such. So convenient!

Check out to find out how it can make the act of gift-giving, a joy and a breeze.

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