Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's Time to Simplify

I have a new buddy:

Because these days, I don't go anywhere without my UNIONBANK Platinum MasterCard. It's pretty much the card Dada, Nana and I use for most of our expenses. Sorry na lang to our old, no evident benefit, credit cards.

From buying groceries, and stuff for the house...

To dining out...

To paying bills, it's the card we choose.

A huge come on is the fact that we get a 1.5% cash rebate every time our cards get swiped. That's instant cash back that I can credit back to my card, to offset our expenses. Which, is so much better than racking up credit card points that I don't even get to use.

But more than that, it has made my life so much simpler. Let me tell you how:

1) It's straightforward. There's no messing with your head with this one. You see, not all cash back cards are created equal. This card is a game changer. 

There are NO CAPS. If you spend Php1,000, you know you get Php15. If you spend Php1,000,000 you know you get Php10,500. You get the cash back you've earned from spending, no ifs and buts. 

That said, there are NO CONDITIONS. There's no need to do a minimum spend on certain spending categories just to earn cash back.

More important, there is NO EXPIRY date on your cash back amount. You can accumulate it for as long as you like, if you like.

2) I use it to shop safely online. Online shopping has allowed me to save on time, precious time. 

I don't have to do emergency runs to the grocery to buy disposable diapers. When I am alerted by Nana that stocks are running low, I just order a pack online at Cudsly.com, and I get it the next day. Imagine the time I saved from having to shower, dressing up, getting stuck in traffic, lining up, and all that.

Let me tell you, this card is so safe to use online, that when I used it to buy at Cudsly.com and net-a-porter.com, I was contacted both times by UNIONBANK, asking me to confirm my purchase.

Talk about peace of mind.

3) I delegate tasks via supplementary cards. I applied for supplementary cards for Dada and Nana. This allows me to earn cash back every time they swipe the cards, and also frees up my time to spend extra hours at home with the kids, focus on work, and all the other things I have to attend to.

As much as I enjoy shopping, yes, even for groceries, I've empowered Nana to do those unscheduled grocery runs, to accompany the driver for when he needs to put gas in the cars, to run to Mercury Drug or Watson's when we're in need of medicines or National Bookstore when we need supplies. Again, saving me precious time.

Because goodness knows I have no more time to kill. The concept of "killing time" escapes me now. "Free Time", what's that?

Gone are the days when I could read a book in one seating, stroll the mall aimlessly, have quiet time with a cup of tea, or goodness, even just have three minutes without at least one child calling out, if not wailing for me while I'm in the shower, or worse, sitting on the toilet. I swear, with the way my kids treat me when I'm in the bathroom, it's like I'm committing a crime. Bawal na bawal!

That's why anything that makes my life easier, I'm game. At the rate things are progressing, with my time being consumed by the needs of the family, errands, deadlines that I need to be on top of, work and everything else that need to be done ora mismo, I seriously need tools to keep things on track, and the UNIONBANK Platinum Mastercard allows me to do just that. It will help you too, as it has helped me and my friend Kris, aka OC Mom in Manila, promise.

To apply for your UNIONBANK Platinum MasterCard:

- Fill out an online application form from http://unionbankph.com/personal/credit-cards/apply-now
- Download application form and fax it to (02) 636-6256
- Visit your nearest UnionBank branch. For the branch nearest you, click HERE.

For more about this card, click HERE or call their Customer Service Hotline at +632 8418600 or Domestic Toll Free 1-800-1888-2277. 

P.S. Next on my "to simplify" list, is a brilliant suggestion by Ana Delgado of UNIONBANK to get EON Debit Cards for the household staff. This makes salary pay-outs so much easier and safer. It is also more financially sound for the staff to have their money go straight to the bank. The EON Card also allows them to use the card for purchases, and transfer money to a relative's bank account, whatever bank it may be.

P.P.S. Watch Kris, Eliza and I on Karrot's show, Live Love Lolz, where we hash out how we've simplified our life, our shopping life, with the UNIONBANK Platinum MasterCard.

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