Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Style Inspiration: Gretel Pery, Manila/L.A.

I often talk about my personal style philosophies here at MFO, but I figured, it would be infinitely more interesting to feature stylish girls and how they found their personal style. Finding our own style is a process, and I hope that this series will not only teach us a thing or ten about how to put together an outfit and where to shop, but also to help us discover how to dress according to our taste, budget and lifestyle. 

Next up in this series is Gretel Pery, a loving wife, a mom of two kids, and get this, her work has something to do with shopping online. OMG Dream Job. I stalk her on Instagram because she is always so chic, with a classic, effortless style that defies time. She wears a lot of comfortable basics, but she puts everything together so flawlessly. Let's learn from her!

You shop for a living! What's that like?

I am the purchaser of Forexworld Online Shopping. It’s a service Forex Cargo offers to people who have no access ordering from most websites. So aside from the usual balikbayan boxes we are known for, we also offer drop ship and online shopping services. A lot of shopping websites now don’t accept orders if you don’t have a US credit card, a US billing address or a US shipping address. I do the ordering for them and ship through Forex.

What is a day in your life like? How do you spend your weekends?

I work from the house. I coordinate with our customer service reps through email and phone calls. I do the work in the morning. In the afternoon, I bring my daughter to school, go to the gym, run errands and fetch my kids from school if I can.

I’m home before dinner with my family. My weekends are spent with my husband and kids. This is the time for haircuts, doctor’s appointments, eating out, watching a movie or simply just hanging out together.

 When running errands, Gretel goes for comfortable clothing like button downs, jersey tops and dresses and jeans, paired with functional flats like espadrilles, ballet flats or classic white sneakers.

How would you best describe your style? Why does it work for you?

Clean, easy and minimal. I’ve always been attracted to structured clothing and clean lines. I try to balance it to look more flattering. This style works for my lifestyle.

How has your style evolved and how did you know you've finally found your trademark style?

When I was younger, it was all about trying to blend in and be socially accepted. I was gullible and faddish. However, even then, I already knew what I liked, and was drawn to and appreciative of certain styles. However putting them together was still a challenge. 

As I grew older, I became more confident with my choices. I think it all started when I became a mom. It was a lifestyle change. I started prioritizing comfort without looking frumpy. I would say I‘ve learned to edit along the way. 

When attending her kids' school activities, and the occasion calls for dressier pieces, comfort is still key, but she switches the shorts and button down with a pencil skirt and a boxy top, a dressier top and heels to go with skinny jeans, or a jersey wrap dress instead of a jersey tunic.

What are your wardrobe essentials?

Dark slim fit jeans, ballet flats, a neutral colored everyday leather bag, a crisp white and light blue shirt, classic black pumps, a black clutch and a bunch of well fitting underwear!

Gretel's wardrobe essentials: Dark slim fit jeans in a very current flare cut, ballet flats to balance off a poufy skirt, classic white button downs. The secret to her style is the fit. The hems are cut at just the right length, waist bands fit snugly, and tops fit well at the shoulders.

Where do you shop?

Mostly abroad and online. Locally I like Uniqlo and MUJI.

When traveling, Gretel relies on her trusty trench coats and white sneakers. Having a personal uniform philosophy, especially when you travel, takes the stress out of dressing up every day, and makes it easier to pack for trips as well

Best style advice you've ever received and what advice would you give to those who want to nail her own personal style?
  • Less is more and always go for quality over quantity.  
  • Style is about how you carry yourself and put everything together. You have to know what you really like but know also if the stuff will suit your personality and lifestyle
  • Don’t get carried away by trends. What works for others doesn’t mean it will also work for you. 
  •  Learn when to stop. A pair of Valentino Rockstuds doesn’t look the same on every woman.
What would your advice be to someone who wants to build her closet but is on a budget?
  • You have to cover the basics first. Update in small doses. Make sure to buy something that goes well with the rest of your wardrobe. 
  • Buy the best quality you can afford. Purchases made this way will endure longer in fashion and durability. Moreover this way, you don’t have to buy too much.

For more tips on chic, stylish dressing, read Popsugar's 15 Things Stylish Women Do Everyday. Bookmark it! It's a wonderful reminder that style also requires discipline, and the little things we do to take care of our things, and the time we spend to give thought on how we look, all add up to great style.


cheekeegirl said...

what's Gretel Pery's IG name, Ms. Tin? maki spy na rin,,hehehehe...

Manila Fashion Observer said...

It's @greteldpery ;)

cheekeegirl said...

Thanks Ms. Tin! i received just now the Frozen doll. I'll wait till I get home. i'll let my daughter open it. Thanks a bunch!

Manila Fashion Observer said...

Yay! I hope she enjoys her new doll! Congratulations again! =)

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