Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Warts and All: The 411 on Electrocauterization

As soon as Tepper turned 2 months old, I told myself, no more excuses. 

I was going to exercise (c/o my friend Kat Garcia's recommended nutrition/workout routine), and really make an effort to go to Dr. Yanee Santos at Aesthetic Science Clinic to get my post-pregnancy skin issues sorted out. 

Let me tell you, I have never been this excited for a facial. Especially since my last facial, also at Aesthetic Science, must have happened, oh about two years ago. 

I was actually looking forward to getting my face pricked and primed, and diamond peeled to perfection.

But how to achieve perfection when I've got warts staring at me in the face every time I looked in the mirror? Especially since they multiplied during pregnancy. (Oversharing? Well, this is me, warts and all! Heehee.) So I finally made a go to get all my warts removed. 

I'm sharing with you the 411 because I know, I am not alone with a secret of this dastardly sort. Shhhh. Anyhoo, here's what to expect, when you're expecting to say bye to warts.

Step 1. EMLA cream (a topical anesthetic) was applied directly on the warts, after my facial. Some kind of medical grade tape was applied over the cream. For my neck which was festered with warts, it was covered with cling wrap, no less. Lolz.

Step 2. Electrocauterization. After 45 minutes, and the anesthesia had numbed my skin, the warts were zapped to kingdom come by Dr. Leah Salido via electrocauterization.

Because I have sensitive skin, it turned all red like this. This is expected, and is absolutely normal.

Step 3. A therapist applied antibiotic/anti-inflammatory cream to all affected areas after Dr. Leah was done. I was told not take a bath for 24 hours, and reminded to just let the scabs fall off on its own.

Step 4. Before settling my bill, I was given a set of instructions, all printed out, which I appreciate.

I would probably forget if this was given to me verbally. I like that Aesthetic Science has thought of all the little details such as this. 


Before I left the clinic, Dr. Yanee told me what to expect (itching, no scratching, etc.) and ran me through the list, reminding me to just take a bath after 24 hours, and apply the healing cream, 2X a day for 2 weeks.

She told me to stay away from direct sunlight, 2 to 3 weeks post treatment as it could darken the spots where the scabs fell off. The perfect excuse for me to buy this Ines dela Fressange hat for Uniqlo actually, heehee.

She told me not to apply my usual facial creams five days post-treatment, although it was highly recommended that I protect my face with sunblock of SPF 15 or more.


About a day later, the treated areas had turned into scabs.

I couldn't wait for them to fall out. I was so tempted to pick at it, but then I remembered I was explicitly told, "DO NOT PICK ON THE SCABS." 

But I think the scabs bothered me more than it bothered friends I met up with over the course of healing. Come to think of it, if I didn't tell people and drew attention to my face and neck, they wouldn't even have noticed.

About 5 days later, the scabs started to fall off. I would swipe at my neck with Bioderma Sensibio H20 and some would come off on the pad.

Close to two weeks later, everything is totally gone. And finally, my skin feels so smooth when I run  my hands down my neck. No scars or dark spots too, thank goodness to my liberal use of healing cream.

I kind of actually miss the scabs, I'm looking for more areas to treat, haha. There's a certain kind of satisfaction seeing those little bastards fall off. 

So worth the discomfort, trouble and a little bit of embarrassment, promise.

Wart Removal via electrocauterization costs about Php2,500 at Aesthetic Science, but if you have 2 or more areas treated in one go, it will cost Php2,000 per area.

For inquiries contact:
Telephone No.: 809-8021/899-3643

Aesthetic Science Alabang
Ground Floor of the Kennedy Center
Prime cor. Venture Sts. Madrigal Business Park
Muntinlupa City
8098021 / 09178082921

Aesthetic Science Makati
Ground Floor, Jupiter Place
Jupiter St., Bel-air Makati City
8993643 / 09178082926


Grn said...

I just did this myself last week and happy to also feel so clean and smooth after. I thought pregnancy only makes you susceptible to warts on the face until I noticed I had them on my neck and chest :/ you are right, the discomfort is very much worth the beautiful effect after :)

Manila Fashion Observer said...

I have been delaying it because I was worried about going out with scabs all over, but yes, best decision to just have it done stat ;) I do feel so much cleaner heehee!

MrsMartinez | xoxoMrsMartinez. said...

I like everything about the video. From the song to the lights that magically appeared in the middle of the song and of course, the appearance of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. It brings out the child in me and makes me want to believe in magic again!


Jubie Prades said...

What I like about this video is the song and the lyrics is so amazing and proudly presents by our fellow Filipinos who are working there. The video is so inspiring and inviting. Hoping we can visit Hong Kong Disneyland someday.

cheekeegirl said...

Yay! thank you Ms. Tin for having this giveaway!!

fjierlkfdjlkfjsl said...


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