Monday, April 13, 2015

Chichi Mary Summer Finds + MFOSS15 Coupon Code

For an avid shopper and mom of a little girl, there is no greater satisfaction seeing these dresses online at Chichi Mary Boutique and gleefully adding them to my shopping cart: 

And of course, having them reach our doorstep a day or two later, ahihihi. Seeing the fabric and prints look as pretty as I imagined? Such joy.

The shoe section is a delight too. Cienta shoes from Spain is a new addition to Chichi Mary's roster of stylish children's brands.

this Cienta comes in sparkly purple, pink and red

Of course, Berry loved these glittery Mary Janes at first sight!

If you'd like special pieces for your little girl, that won't be as easily found, Chichi Mary, purveyor of pretty little things, is your best bet. I always look forward to when Mitshi uploads her new season collections each time. It's almost like uncovering little treasures.

Shop Chichi Mary at to see for yourself. And don't forget to use coupon code MFOSS15 to get your 20% discount. Chichi Mary ships worldwide!

Coupon is valid only until April 28, 2015. Use it! Buy everything you want and abuse it! ;)

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