Thursday, May 07, 2015

It's a Cool Summer with BONO Gelato

Here's a run down of all the new and exciting things happening over at BONO Gelato, my favorite gelato place, EVARRR!

My friend Pam of Green Lunch Diaries and our kiddie crew with Chef Zarah Zaragoza-Manikan of BONO Gelato

1. Mother's Day Super Sundae. What can be cooler than "10 scoops of BONO Gelato artisanal gelato topped with homemade sprinkles and pretzel crunch, drizzled with caramel and chocolate syrup" for only P650? If that won't get you and the entire family shivering in your shorts, well you better make sure you get onto it, because this Mother's Day Super Sundae is available only this Mother's Day weekend, May 8-10, 2015.  

The Bono Gelato Mother's Day Super Sundae

2. The Summer Scoop Sale. If 10 scoops of gelato sounds overwhelming, although Php650 for all that is a pretty good deal if you ask me, I would take advantage of BONO Gelato's Summer Scoop Sale, which only happens this entire month of May. Get up to Php50 OFF your favorite flavors. Now that's a treat to beat the heat.

3. The Bono Affogato. Meanwhile, coffee aficionados are going to enjoy Bono Gelato's affogato. Good gracious, if I could have two cups of this I would. This was worth cheating on my dairy intolerance diet for.

The shot of espresso was perfect. When drizzled onto a ball of vanilla gelato, and watching it melt into a steaming puddle of creamy bittersweet-ness - delicioso!

4. Party perfect. Throw me a party where nothing else is served but BONO Gelato, and I'd be happy. I'd call it a party in my tummy! 

But seriously, BONO can come and set-up a gelato scooping station for you and your party peeps, even make a customized flavor for the celebrant, churned on-site using a liquid nitrogen machine. Fancy. Impressive. Geeky. Yummeh. For inquiries, email

The kids tried catching the clouds of smoke coming out from the liquid nitrogen machine

5. Chemistry in the BONO Kitchen. Yes, I did say Liquid Nitrogen earlier. It is in fact the trendy thing in ice cream and gelato making these days. Remember when we went to Lab Made in my Hong Kong food post? Same principle, but done safer at BONO because the liquid nitrogen is NOT added into the mixing bowl.

6. A Health Nut's Dream. My friend Pam is vegetarian. I am dairy intolerant. But guess what, we were both so happy to discover that they have dairy-free (Cioccolato, Taho and sorbets) flavors. If you are diabetic, or need to watch your sugar-intake, well they also have low-sugar (Cappuccino and Stracciatella) flavors.

 The Ciocolatto, made with Belgian chocolate and water. No dairy. Yay!

More than that, BONO Gelato is so much better than anything else in the market today because:

-  It's low-fat. Gelato uses more whole milk than cream, and only contains 4 to 8% butterfat vs. ice cream's 18%
- They don't use anything artificial in their gelato – no mixes, powders, pastes, gels, colorings, flavorings or preservatives.
- They only use the freshest, in-season ingredients, and they only make gelato in small batches, and stored in Pozzetto cabinets, so you are guaranteed a fresh batch with each scoop.
- They are just so damn good! I haven't met a BONO flavor I didn't like. Including,

7. The Award-Winning Mango Ube Symphony. There is no further proof of how life-changingly delicious BONO Gelato is when it's newest flavor, Mango Ube Symphony, won the People’s Choice Award at the Gelato World Tour held at Marina Bay Sands Singapore last March 20-22, 2015.
Chef Zarah Zaragoza-Manikan, Chief R&D of BONO Gelato, receiving the People's Choice Award, a recognition given to the finalist whose flavor entry ranks highest in votes among visitors to the public event promoting the culture of Italian-style artisanal gelato

But you have got to know that Mango Ube Symphony, a combination of two iconic Philippine flavors - smooth mango gelato heightened with swirls of purple yam jam, accented with rhum-soaked dried mango strips, is in fact just one of the many flavors concocted by Chef Zarah that are guaranteed to please the palate.

Other personal favorites of mine, apart from the Ciocolatto, are Movie Night, S'mores and Taho. Try it and tell me if you don't get hooked at first scoop!

BONO Gelato stores located at Aura Premier, Mega Fashion Hall- SM Megamall, The Podium and SM Southmall. 

Keep up with the latest BONO Gelato news on, Instagram @bonogelato or log-on to

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